William & Mary

Visiting Scholar Sponsorship

J-1 Scholar Visas can be granted for a maximum stay of 5 years, and can be used for the following types of positions:

  • Post-Doctoral appointments (grant or state-funded)
  • Faculty or administrators coming pursuant to an exchange agreement
  • Academics and professionals coming to fill visiting positions (e.g. visiting instructors)
  • Self- or government-funded visiting academics (e.g. colleagues coming to collaborate on research, academics on sabbatical, etc.)
  • Foreign graduate students at institutions abroad coming to W&M to conduct dissertation/thesis research
    • To be eligible for sponsorship in a  J1 scholar category, the foreign national typically must hold the equivalent of a bachelor's degree or higher.

J-1 Visa (DS-2019) Request Process

Step 1: The department completes the J1 W&M Department Sponsor Form, issues an invitation letter (doc.), and requests a W&M Affiliate Banner ID (Affiliate ID is only necessary if the visiting scholar is not employed at W&M). The Department sends the J1 Sponsor Form and invitation letter/copy of appointment letter to [[sjsech, Steve Sechrist]] at the Reves Center. (Note: Please refer to these instructions, if you have problems requesting the W&M Affiliate Banner ID).

Step 2: The visiting scholar completes the W&M Scholar Information Form and sends it, along with a copy of passport identity page and documentation of funding (if not solely W&M funded) to [[sjsech, Steve Sechrist]] at the Reves Center.

Step 3: The Reves Center issues DS-2019, prepares a Pre-Arrival packet (includes an invitation letter, J-1 visa application instructions, etc.) and sends it to the scholar.

Step 4: The scholar applies for a J-1 visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate in his/her country.


There are no fees that the department must pay.

  • SEVIS Fee ($180): This government fee may be paid either by the department or by the scholar. If the department wishes to pay, the Reves Center will assist with the process. Generally, departments only pay this fee if the scholar will be employed by William & Mary.
  • Visa Application Fee ($160): This government fee is always paid by the scholar.