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Study Abroad Deadlines in April


Fall 2017 Scholarships and Non-W&M Program Deadlines: April 14, 2017

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Study Abroad Non-W&M Programs Deadline: April 14

Fall 2017 and Academic Year Scholarships: April 14

  • Critchfield Scholarship
    Merit and need-based awards for study in particular Arabic-speaking countries and particular countries in the Indian Ocean region.
  • Exeter Scholarship
    Merit and need-based award for study with the Exeter, U.K. exchange program
  • Holmes Scholarship
    Need-based scholarship for Art and Art History majors for study abroad in Florence, Italy. Preference will be given to Art History concentrators in their Junior or Senior year.
  • Mesarick Scholarship
    Merit and need-based awards for study in Norway or other Scandinavian countries.  Preference will be given to students studying in Norway. 
  • Meyers Stern Scholarship
    Merit based scholarship awarded to a student studying Judaic Studies in Israel or other location based upon approval from Judaic Studies.
  • Nance Scholarship
    Need-based scholarship for undergraduate students who qualify for Federal financial aid.  Preference will be given to students studying abroad for a semester or academic year.  
  • Robert M. and Rebecca W. Gates Scholarships
    Merit-based awards for outstanding students with a declared major in International Relations, Global Studies or Africana Studies.   
  • Timothy J. Sullivan Scholarship
    Merit-based award for study at particular institutions in the U.K., with a preference for year-long study
  • Zachary James Vaughan Memorial Scholarship
    Need-based award for a student committed to public service and cross-cultural understanding who is studying abroad for a semester.

Find a full list of scholarships and financial aid opportunities for study abroad on our website.