Reves Hall Global Lectures

Reves Hall Global Lectures are informal discussions between featured speakers, students, professors and other guest speakers on global affairs. The lectures are free and open to the public.

For the Fall semester, the lecture series is part of the "The Global 21st Century" course taught by renowned scholar, Dr. Stephen Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs. This course is part of the Reves Hall international living learning community experience.

Fall 2014
Stephen E. Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs and the Lettie Pate Evans Professor in the Department of Government
Russia, Ukraine, and the Borders of Europe

Wednesday, September 17, Small Hall 111 at 3:30pm

Ariel BenYishay, AidData Chief Economist and Assistant Professor of Economics
Far-off Experiments with Humans

Wednesday, October 1, Small Hall 111 at 3:30pm

Jennifer Bickham Mendez, Associate Professor of Sociology
From the Maquilas to the ‘Nuevo South’: Gender, Borders, and Women's Resistance in an Age of Globalization

Wednesday, October 22, Small Hall 111 at 3:30pm

Tun-jen Cheng, Class of 1935 Professor, Department of Government
China and the U.S.: Strategic Partners, Competitors, or...?

Wednesday, November 5, Small Hall 111 at 3:30pm

Previous Lectures

Christine Scippa Bhasin, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History and Theatre
The Venetian Nuns as 17th-century Actress

Kevin Vose, Walter G. Mason Associate Professor of Religious Studies
The Dalai Lama in Retirement: Prospects for Tibet in the 21st Century?

Panel of W&M International Students
Comparative Education: Stories from W&M International Students

Stephen E. Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs and the Lettie Pate Evans Professor in the Department of Government
Putinism as Global Model: What Russia Tells Us about Democracy Today

Michael Tierney, Hylton Associate Professor of Government and International Relations
How Can We Help? Reassessing Foreign Aid in the 21st Century

Tamara Sonn, William R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Humanities
The Cultural Roots of Political Polarization in Today’s Middle East

Larry Wilkerson, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Government and Public Policy
To Dissolve the People: Global Security in an Insecure Age

Members of W&M Amnesty International
Amnesty International's History and Tactics of Fighting for Human Rights

Adriano Marinazzo, Scholar in Residence at the Muscaralle Museum of Art                            
Studying the Renaissance Architecture of Florence: Virtual Drawing and Contemporary Art

Prof. Eduard van de Bilt, Visiting Professor from Leiden University
Democratic Legitimacy and Distrust: The Case of Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion

Salih Can Aciksoz, Mellon Faculty Fellow in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Ghazis or Beggars: The Double Life of Turkish Disabled Veterans

Zohra Beben, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
The Power of Politics and the Politics of Power in Rural Tajikistan

Eva Outzen, Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA)
KIVA: MESA's Non-Profit Microfinance Organization Founded in 2005 to Help Young Entrepreneurs World-Wide

Prof. Eric Han, Department of History
"Tragedy in China Town" and the End of Extraterritoriality in Japan

Emily Cox, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies
Embodying the Multi-Ethnic Nation: Mongolian Dancer Siqintariha and Ethnic Identity in China

Stephany Lazo, Reves Hall Resident 
Educating for Peace & Justice

Dr. Camilla Buchanan, Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Grassroots Community Improvement of Maternal Child Health in Kenya.

Dr. Steve Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs
20 Years After the Collapse of the USSR; What Have We Learned?

Alison Rabe and Ena Dion, W&M International Law Society
20 Men, 20 Square Feet, 20 Months: Criminal ‘Justice’ in Cambodia.

W&M Bosnia Project
Living and teaching in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Margie Cook, Center for Student Diversity
Defining Global Citizenship.

Prof. George Kemi, Government
Environmental Studies and International Human Rights.

Prof. Harvey Langholtz, Psychology
U.N. Diplomacy and Peacekeeping.

Prof. David Aday, Sociology and American Studies
High Impact Experience: Service, Scholarship, and International Study.

Prof. Max Katz, Music
The Sitar of North India: What the Instrument Can Tell Us about its Music.

Prof. Thomas Payne, Music
Recording the Beatles: Delight and Frustration with the Newly Remastered Catalog

Prof. Ravi Gupta, Religious Studies
Holy Cow! Animals and the Natural World in Hinduism.

Prof. Francis Tanglao-Aguas, Theatre, Speech & Dance
Pick Up Your Backpacks! Culture and Travel in Southeast Asia -- An Invitation.

Prof. Francis Tanglao-Aguas, Theatre, Speech & Dance
The Ramayana La’ar: Behind the Scenes.

Dr. Mitchell Reiss, Reves Center for International Studies
Peace in the North Part II - Is it Possible?: Northern Ireland.

Prof. Hiroshi Kitamura, Global Studies
How Bad Comedies Become Hilarious: Global Hollywood and DVD Marketing in Japan.

Prof. George Grayson, Government
¿Viva México, viva la democracia?

Dr. Mitchell Reiss, Reves Center for International Studies
Peace in the North Part I - Is it Possible?: North Korea.