Reves Hall - Frequently Asked Questions

Reves Hall is the international living learning community. Does that mean most of the residents are international students?

No, it is a mix of American and international students who share an interest in global affairs. About 25% of the students are from abroad (compared to 8-10% in most residence halls).

Is Reves Hall limited to International Relations and Global Studies majors?

Students must have a strong interest in global affairs and agree to enroll in the required course. However, there is no major requirement to live in Reves Hall. The course is open to Reves Hall residents of any major (including undeclared).

What is the physical description of Reves Hall?

The hall is located adjacent to the Reves Center for International Studies. The international living learning community is on the 3rd floor. With 18 students on the floor, it is small enough to foster a sense of community, and its location gives residents easy access to the Marketplace dining facilities in the Campus Center, the W&M Bookstore, and Colonial Williamsburg. The hall is air-conditioned and laundry and kitchen facilities are available on the floor. A floor plan of Reves Hall is available on the Residence Life website.

Do I have to speak a foreign language to live in Reves Hall?

No, but if you do, with the higher percentage of international students, it might be a good place to practice it!

Do residents have to organize Reves Hall programs?

Living in Reves Hall does not obligate you to plan hall programs, but residents agree to participate in activities and contribute to the life of the hall. Resident engagement is one of the things that make Reves Hall such a vibrant and interesting community rather than just a dormitory.

I'm going abroad for a semester. Can I still live in Reves Hall the other semester?

Preference is given to students who intend to reside in Reves Hall for the entire year. However, planned study abroad would not disqualify you. If you plan to be abroad in the spring, the application procedure is the same as usual. You just need to let the Reves Center and Residence Life know that you plan to be in Reves Hall for one semester only.

If you will be abroad during the fall semester and want to get a room in Reves for the spring semester, you will have to submit an application to Residence Life and ask to be placed on the waiting list for spring. There is no set deadline for spring semester applications. Spaces are filled on a first-come first-served basis, so it's to your advantage to get your application in early.

Can I live in Reves all four years?

Unfortunately no. Reves Hall is upperclassmen housing and generally speaking, students may only live there for up to four semesters. This gives other students the opportunity to live there.

Do current residents have to apply again for next year?

Yes. The process is the same for current and past residents as it is for new applicants.

Still have questions? Contact Eva Wong, Reves Hall Faculty Advisor.