Summer International Internship Scholarships

With the support of private donors, the Reves Center awards a number of scholarships to students undertaking international summer internships. The exact number of awards and the amount of each will vary from year to year, but in general about a dozen will be given per year.

Reves Center scholarships for international internships are administered by the Charles Center. For additional information and to apply for a scholarship, please see the Charles Center's web page for Summer Scholarships.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Eligibility Considerations

To be eligible for scholarship support, students must be continuing W&M degree-seeking students at the undergraduate or graduate level involved in full-time internships overseas or in domestic agencies/organizations that are international in focus. These include internationally-directed government agencies (such as the State Department), overseas non-governmental organizations (NGOs), overseas private sector corporations, etc. Internships must entail at least five full-time weeks of work over the summer.

Applications may be submitted before an internship has been offered/accepted, but no funds will be disbursed until the student has submitted certification by an on-site supervisor that s/he will be undertaking the work. The Reves Center reserves the right to contact the on-site supervisor at any point with regard to the intern's performance.

Though an effort will be made to support as large a number of eligible applicants as possible, the largest stipends will generally go to applicants whose internship entails substantial travel and housing costs, who are not receiving support from the organization with which they are interning or the university, and/or who are on financial aid. Typically, students with paid internships will not receive funding.

Travel Warning

Students wishing to petition for approval  to receive international internship scholarship funds for travel to a country under a Department of State (DOS) Travel Warning should contact the Director of Global Education or the Vice Provost for International Affairs for additional information. International internship scholarships are subject to the W&M Travel Warning Policy. Students submitting travel warning petitions should do so with their international internship applications. Decisions about such petitions will be made by mid-May.


Upon completion of the internship, all scholarship recipients must complete and submit an evaluation of the internship.

For questions on internship scholarship funding, contact [[jcdav3, Judy Davis]].