Online Room Selection

The room selection process is completed online by making your selection in the myHousing system. The online process is run by time blocks beginning in April. The process will run over about a week and a half to limit interference with classes and to ease the load on the system.

Don't share your user ID and password with anyone, it is a violation of the student code of conduct.

Before Your Time Block

Form your roommate group:  In order to choose a double (or higher occupancy) room during your time block you will need to form a group with you and your roommate(s) prior to the start of your time block. Do this early to save time during your selection time block.

Review rooming options:  Do your homework. Have a list of rooms that interest you and be realistic about your preferences. Depending on your time block or wait list status, you may want to look into opting out, same room sign up, overcrowding or block housing.

Check past year stats:  If you have a time block that is toward the end of the process it may not be realistic to think that a Nicholas or Cabell Apartment will still be available. See when rooms tend to go.

Review the Room Selection Guide (pdf): This guide provides instruction and screenshots for the online selection system.

Preview available rooms: The rooms you will see will depend on your sex.  You have the ability to see all available rooms but will only be able to select a room that matches the size of your roommate group (if created). For example, as a single person you would only be able to select singles, and as a member of a 6 person group you would only be able to select Nicholas under the Apartment tab.  The ability to see all available rooms give you the opportunity to adjust your group size based on the options available to you.

During Your Time Block

Once your time block begins, log in within 48 hours to make your selection. After 48 hours your time block will be voided and we will reinstate a student from the wait list. If you are waiting to select for someone later in the process, we will NOT void your time block as long as you email [[living]] in advance. 

Individuals (no roommate)

You will only be able to select available single rooms. The list of available rooms updates as rooms are selected. You may also come to the Residence Life office to select from available offline spaces (these will be spaces available within a double, triple, or quad room). If no available spaces remain, students with an active time block can come to Residence Life the day after the online process closes and we will assign you to any available room that remains.

Groups (two or more)

When forming roommate groups the group leader is generally the person with the best selection time but once formed the group leader can pass the leader role on to another member of the group by selecting the up arrow next to the intended group leaders.  Your group leader will log in during their time block (up to the end of the online process) to make the room selection. Groups can see all available rooms but will only be able to select a room that meet their current group size.  For example, if you have a group of 6 you will only be able to select a Nicholas apartment.

Open Selection

After all students with valid time blocks have gone through the process, we will begin Open Selection which allows other students to select from any remaining spaces (if any remain). Residence Life will contact students when we have a space to offer following the online selection process. Open Selection will run in this order:

  1. students wait listed for Room Selection,
  2. students who missed paying the room reservation deposit by the deadline (no deposit students).