Roommate Groups

Get set up BEFORE your time block.

If you are selecting with a roommate(s) you must create your roommate group prior to the start of your room selection time block in the myHousing system on the Roommate Management tab.  This tab will be live for you to create and/or edit once you have your room selection time block.

All perspective roommates must have paid the room reservation deposit by the deadline and have an eligible room selection time block to be entered.

Choose a Group Leader

The group leader is the member of your roommate group who will make the actual room selection, and should be the individual with the first/earliest time block for the group. The group leader is identified by a yellow star next to their name. You can change the group leader by clicking the green up arrow next to the person you are making the group leader until their name is at the top of the list.

Form the Roommate Group

To create a roommate group, each roommate will need to provide the group leader with their roommate passcode which is located in the upper right corner of the myHousing home screen. You can edit your roommate group at any time prior to making the room selection. Anytime a group is edited, all members of the group will receive email notification. Please communicate any planned edits with your roommates ... nobody likes to be panicked by system emails!

What do the non-group leaders do?

As a roommate (non-leader), you only need to log in and accept the Housing Contract. This can be done as soon as the room is selected by the group leader, or anytime prior to the end of the room selection process. Don't forget!