Randolph/Ludwell Welcome Messages

A Message from your Area Director 

Greetings from The College of William and Mary!

This message goes out to all new and returning students, parents, family and friends. I want to personally welcome you to Randolph/Ludwell and to the College of William and Mary. My name is Darcy Johnson and I am the Area Director for the Randolph Complex and Ludwell Apartments. You may ask yourself, what is an Area Director? I am a full-time employee of the College with a Masters Degree in College Student Personnel. Overall, I am responsible for the day to day management and activities that occur in the Randolph/Ludwell area. As a full time residence life professional, it is my responsibility to ensure that we offer support to our new and returning students.

There are 10 student staff members (Resident Assistants) that live in the Ludwell Apartments. The Head Resident for Ludwell is a student and lives in residence. 

The Randolph Complex consists of 7 residence halls which include Giles Hall, Preston Hall, Pleasants Hall, Page Hall, Harrison Hall and Cabell and Nicholas Apartments as well as Tazewell Hall which is the lounge area for the complex. The Randolph Complex is one of the most diverse areas on campus serving host to nine special interest houses (Africana, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish). There are 13 Resident Assistants in Randolph. One RA resides on each floor of the special interest houses and one per apartment complex and Page and Harrison. The Head Resident for Randolph, is a student and lives in Tazewell Hall.

Randolph/ Ludwell has a great staff and we look forward to meeting all of you in the Fall. We also encourage you to take an active role in your community and participate in Hall Council.

Please review this website for detailed information and also please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See you in August!

Darcy Johnson
Randolph/Yates Area Director
The College of William and Mary
(757) 221-3181




A Message from the Randolph Staff!

Welcome to the Randolph Complex!

My name is Jonathan Schouten and I am the 2013-2014 Head Resident for the Randolph Complex. I will be working closely with our Area Director Darcy Johnson as well as 13 incredible RA’s. We are all excited to meet you in the fall and we are looking forward to working with you to make this a great year for all of us.

In choosing Randolph, you have chosen to be part of one of the most diverse living communities our College has to offer. Aside from having apartment style living and single rooms, the complex offers a wide variety of living-learning communities. We have the Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, German, Spanish and French Houses as well as the Africana House. These special interest houses give you wonderful opportunities to be immersed in different cultures as well as different languages. Each language house has a native speaking tutor living in the house. This tutor facilitates involvement in the language by organizing movie nights, cooking classes, conversation hours and other wonderful activities. The living-learning communities are incredibly inviting and look forward to working with the other language houses to add to the cultural experience of living in Randolph.

Location, Location, Location!

Yet another great thing about living in Randolph is its proximity to just about everything. The Caf is located right across the street from the Complex and you will also be a 5 minute walk from the Rec, Swem, and the rest of New Campus. Besides this, there is a great grilling area in the middle of the complex. You can make use of this grill at any time throughout the year for grilling, s’mores, or other fun events. Tazewell, centrally located, houses study lounges, laundry facilities, and the duty office. The Duty Office is open every night and has multiple items such as DVDs, board games, and cleaning supplies that you can check out when the office is open if you pay Hall Dues. Most importantly, the Duty Office has spare keys that you can check out if you misplace yours.

Paying your Hall Dues is extremely important, because it will help both your RA and Hall Council put on programs and events for you and your community. Speaking of, being involved in Hall Council offers you a great leadership opportunity. By being a part of Hall Council you will have a say in the way we allocate funds, which items we buy for the complex, and which events and activities we put on for everyone to enjoy.

Your Resident Assistants are an incredibly diverse and wonderful group of people who are looking forward to meeting you. Every single RA is extremely excited to help you create the community you and your peers wish to live in. The RA will also serve as resource for you as well as being a liaison between you and Residence Life. These great individuals also have wonderfully quirky stories that they are looking to share with you, such as how they:

  • Biked to all 40 DC boundary stone sites – our nation’s oldest monuments.
  • Were roommates with a duck.
  • Zip-lined upside down on a glow stick lit rope course.
  • Have broken every single one of their toes
  • Got stuck in Madrid alone, with no phone, very little money, and no Spanish speaking skills.
  • Have fallen into a man-hole.
  • Is a belly dancer
  • Still has a baby tooth.

They also describe themselves as kind, inquisitive, chill, the-best-kinda-weirdo, bubbly, spontaneous, happy, and ineffable. Take time to get to know the RAs, they are truly a wonderful group of people.

In short, you have chosen a wonderful place to live this year. We are all looking forward to meeting you and creating a strong Randolph Community. Part of creating this community is Self-Determination. So, be sure to check out the Self Determination video for a reminder of what Self Determination means for you as a member of the Randolph Complex community. 

Jonathan Schouten
Head Resident of Randolph Complex


Name Location Email
Darcy Johnson, Area Director Randolph/Yates [[dljohn]]
Jonathan Schouten
Tazewell [[e|jaschouten]]
Anna Newton
Cabell Apartments [[e|acnewton]]
Heather Jones
Nicholas Apartments [[e|hmjones]]
Julie Feng
Harrison Hall [[e|jyfeng]]
Jak Packtor
Page Hall [[e|jrpacktor]]
Katie Caulfield
Giles 1st-German House [[e|kecaulfield]]
Sam Boone
Giles 2nd-Spanish House [[e|wsboone]]
Laura Bolger
Giles 3rd-French House [[e|lcbolger]]
Charlotte Lessa
Pleasants 1st-Italian House [[e|celessa]]
Tattiana Bamba
Pleasants 2nd-Africana House [[e|tsbamba]]
Matthew Baker
Pleasants 3rd-Russian House [[e|mnbaker]]
Laura Brown
Preston 1st-Chinese House [[e|lgbrown]]
Teymour Moinzadeh
Preston 2nd-Arabic House [[e|tmoinzadeh]]
Kat Young
Preston 3rd-Japanese House [[e|kayoung]]



A Message from the Ludwell Staff!

Hello, and welcome to the Ludwell Apartments!

Ludwell is a unique style of campus housing, since every resident lives in an apartment! That's right - you and your apartment-mates get a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room to yourselves! No more sharing all of these things with everyone else on a hall. For this reason, Ludwell is a great place for students to develop that sense of autonomy that will especially help with the transition from college to the "real world." You can truly make your apartment your own.  Each apartment comes standard with one bed, desk, and dresser per resident.  In addition, the complex has a number of grills and picnic tables that allow residents to commune with one another outside.

Just five minutes down Jamestown Road from the Mason School of Business, the Ludwell Apartments are close enough to campus so that you can comfortably walk to the New Campus area within ten minutes, but secluded enough to where it feels like off-campus housing (again, that sense of autonomy - leave school at school!).  Additionally, the bus system arrives every thirty minutes, allowing students to access old campus through an easy five-minute bus ride.  Ludwell also has easy access to parking for those students with vehicles.

Another way to access campus easily is though riding a bike. Bikes are almost essential to living in Ludwell, since you can easily access anywhere on campus through riding down either Jamestown Road or Ukrop Way. Also, Ludwell is the new home of the only "bike fix-it station" on campus! Purchased by the Ludwell Hall Council in Spring 2012, this station includes all of the necessary tools, including an air pump, that one needs to quickly repair his/her bike before that daily ride to campus.

Speaking of Hall Council, as a resident of the Ludwell Apartments, you should make sure that you lend your voice to decisions made for the Ludwell community by getting involved in the Ludwell Hall Council! This student-run body will do the following throughout the year: run fun events for the community, make purchases for the area (such as movies and games for the Duty Office, permanent outdoor furniture, and other items that residents have a need for), assess damage billings, and advocate for the residents of the apartments under the ideals of Self-Determination here at the College. Living under the policy of Self-Determination, residents of William and Mary housing are able to set the rules and regulations for their own living environment. Thus, you and your apartment-mates decide together the guidelines for living in your apartment, you and your building-mates for your building, and you and Hall Council the guidelines for living in Ludwell! For more on the self-governance under Self-Determination, please see the video on Self Determination.

Last, but certainly not least, there are twelve Residence Life staff members who work for Ludwell who are really excited to get to know each and every one of you over the next year: Your Resident Assistants are an incredibly diverse and wonderful group of people who are looking forward to meeting you. Every single RA is extremely excited to help you create the community you and your peers wish to live in. The RA will also serve as resource for you as well as being a liaison between you and Residence Life. These great individuals also have wonderfully quirky stories that they are looking to share with you, such as:

  • Is from the moon shine capital of the world
  • Once sunk a kayak in the ocean
  • Is a juggler- who wants to learn to juggle 5 items
  • Is a snapping turtle wrangler
  • Canoed 4 days down the Delaware river
  • Held a boa constrictor
  • Is an avid road tripper
  • Almost crash landed in a plane
  • A lion once tried to eat them
  •  lived in Germany for 6 years, the second longest time I've lived anywhere. However, I speak very little German. 
Name Location Email
Darcy Johnson, Area Director Randolph/Ludwell [[dljohn]]
Matthew LaCaze, Head Resident
Ludwell 404B
Meredith Ramey
Ludwell 100, 102
Sarah Bidwell
Ludwell 104, 200
Nathaniel Chien
Ludwell 202, 204
McKenzie Smith
Ludwell 300, 302
Matt Hefferman
Ludwell 304, 306
Marcell Crawford
Ludwell 400, 402
Sarah Clark
Ludwell 404, 406
Natasha King
Ludwell 500, 502, 504
Mike Pozulp
Ludwell 600, 602, 604
Lynn Bager
Ludwell 700, 702, 704