Old Dominion Welcome Message

Greetings from The College of William & Mary!

Greetings from Williamsburg and the lovely historic College of William and Mary. For those new to housing in the Richmond Road Area, my name is Jenn Garcia, and I'm the Area Director for the Bryan Complex,  Old Dominion, Monroe, and DuPont. I want to welcome our new students and send greetings to those returning to William and Mary. As Area Director, I am responsible for managing the day to day operations for the area as well as working with very diverse and enthusiastic staff leaders who will be your future Resident Assistants, Head Residents and Hall Director.

The staff on Richmond Road work as a team to ensure that your experience, not just in the halls but at the College is one to be remembered. William and Mary is known for the community as a whole, and we are here to ensure that you feel safe and secure in your room, that the communities in all the halls are welcoming and conductive to not just living with, but learning from others.

At the end of the year, we hope you will feel that living in the residence halls is not just a place to sleep or store your stuff, but a place to come to relax, enjoy spending time with friends and neighbors and to learn more about yourself-someplace to call HOME. 

Part of the living experience will include involvement in Hall Council. We encourage you to come out and run for office, be a part of the general body, and help shape the community here. Every year is different, but the experience is worthwhile!  And while you are there, be sure to nominate those hardworking staff and hall council members for "of the month" recognition through the National Residence Hall Honorary.  YOU could be a future OTMer!

There are lots of things that make the halls in Richmond Road attractive to student living, so if you haven't already, please take the time to visit our website and learn more about your future home. And of course, take time to read the letters from the staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone at (757)221-3185 or via email at jmgarc@wm.edu.

Enjoy the rest of the break, and safe travels!

Jennifer Garcia
Area Director, Richmond Road
NRHH Advisor
College of William & Mary

Messages from the Old Dominion Staff

Greetings OD Residents.  We all hope you are enjoying this time off.  To any and all transfer students… Welcome to The Tribe!  We’d like to introduce ourselves to you, and invite you to contact us if you have questions prior to your arrival to campus.  We are all so very excited to welcome you all back to campus!

Hey Ladies and Gentleman! My name is Kristin Hopkins and I will be the Head Resident (HR) for Old Dominion (OD) and Monroe Hall! I’m so excited to be working on Richmond Road next year for the third time! I love old movies, Netflix, musicals, and anything pink. I’m always in the mood for some cupcakes! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!    kbhopkins@email.wm.edu

My name is Taylor Mack. I am the RA for OD 1st floor!! I’m also a senior who is double majoring in Government and Sociology. I’m really passionate about social justice issues and love meeting new people, so please stop by my room any time!! tamack@email.wm.edu

I am Spencer Small, and I will be on the second floor of OD next year. I am a Russian and Post-Soviet Studies major.  Just a heads up, I have a burning passion for music; I play, listen, and basically surround myself with it as much as I can. I play in a band called Three Four, so you should come and check us out when we are playing around campus. I also think bears are pretty cool. spsmall@email.wm.edu

Hi! I’m Alora Jiang! I am an International Relations Major and Psychology minor. I am working at AidData Center for Development Policy and National Center for State Courts. And I am enthusiastic about international development and judicial reform. qjiang@email.wm.edu

We’re all looking forward to a great year ahead in Old Dominion and can’t wait to start meeting everyone.  We want to send an early invite to you all to get involved with hall council this year.  Last year they put on some great events with Bryan Complex (our hall council is Bryan/OD) and we are excited to continue on with that tradition. 

Just some quick things about OD if you haven’t been in the building yet.  We have a huge attic with a TV for studying and lounging.  Our building is generally very quiet.  We are across the street from the delis, Wawa and the Tribe Square eateries so we are just a few steps from meeting others!  And of course we need to let out a little loud Tribe Pride Spirit, so it’s a good thing we are adjacent to the Stadium and catch those football games quiet easily!  Even if it means just cooking out at the grill right outside the building and listening to the announcers give the play by play!

We hope you enjoy your time away (or at least some time away) from books and we look forward to seeing you all at check in!

Tribe Pride!

The Old Dominion Staff