Jamestown Welcome Messages

Greetings from The College of William & Mary!

On behalf of the Jamestown/Botetourt staff, I would like to say welcome to our “home”.  My name is Rodney Franks, and I am the Area Director for Jamestown North/South and the Botetourt area. As a full-time professional, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the area that includes 795 residents. I also supervise 29 student staff members that live in the halls so that they may assist you and create a safe learning environment.

We are very excited that you have chosen to join our community for the upcoming academic year! The staff will be working diligently throughout the summer to plan exciting programs and activities to enhance your experience of living with us. We would love to have you all take an active and interested role in this community so that together we may create an inclusive and empowering community. There are many ways to get involved in the residence halls, but one in particular is to join Hall Council. Hall Council is the governing body for the residence halls, which allows you, the student, to have a direct influence into what your experience will be on campus and in your William & Mary home. I encourage you to take an active role in YOUR community by becoming an Executive Board member, a Hall Representative, or even a general body member. 

Should you have any questions between now and move-in day, we suggest that you look over our website. It is loaded with a lot of helpful and detailed information designed to be a great resource. Also, you may want to take minute to look at the online videos to get a better look at what your building and room may look like before you arrive on campus. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

We look forward to seeing you!

Rodney L. Franks
Area Director
Residence Life
The College of William and Mary
757-221-1240 (fax)

A letter to the residents of Jamestown from the Residence Life Staff:

Welcome to the Jamestown Residence Halls!

Jamestown has:

-          Many spacious study rooms and lounges

-          Kitchens on each floor

-          Flatscreen T.V.’s

-          Game room with Pool and foosball table

-          DVD’s, game systems, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and board games that can be checked out from the duty office

-          Two soundproof piano practice rooms

-          Great laundry facilities

-          Outdoor grills and furniture

We encourage residents to get involved by joining Hall Council. Hall council gives residents a chance to become leaders through self-government, to bring changes to the Jamestown community, and to purchase things they want for their building! The ability to self-govern comes from the policy of Self-Determination, which is an important piece of living on-campus at William & Mary. You can learn more about Self-Determination by visiting our webpage and watching our short video at http://tinyurl.com/communitynorms. Being involved will also give you a chance to meet great people and to get to know the RA’s!

Please join our Facebook group (search Jamestown Residence Hall 2015-2016) and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Welcome home!

The Jamestown Staff was selected for their unique qualities that will make your experience in Jamestown worthwhile. Get to know your RAs better by reading more about them here:

Jamestown 2015-2016 Hall Staff
Hall Director (172):
Name: Brian Gelston
Major: Public Policy/Masters of Accounting
Involvement: Tribe Fellowship
Best Moment at W&M: My senior night as a manager for the basketball team
Favorite Animal: Bear
Superpower: Breathe underwater 
North 1st Floor (171):
Name: John Loughton
Major: Music and Biology Minor
Involvement: Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, Middle Eastern Music Ensemble, Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast
Best moment at W&M: Working in Residence Life
Favorite Animal: Octopus
Superpower: Telekinesis

North 2nd Floor (267):
Name: Julie Santanna
Major: Chemistry/GSWS
Involvement: William & Larry, Branch Out International and Mosaic House
Best Moment at W&M: Mosaic House Story Night
Favorite animal: Turtles are the best
Superpower: I wish I could be in multiple places at once.

North 2nd Floor (277):
Name: Catherine Romadka-Fahl
Major: Computer Science
Involvement: W&M Lambda Alliance, HerCampus, Ultimate Frisbee
Best Moment at W&M: Planning and seeing how many people came to Lambda's Pride event
Favorite Animal: House cat or a lion
Superpower: Creating desserts out of thin air to go with afternoon tea 
North 3rd Floor (367):
Name: Josh Brown
Major: Neuroscience
Involvement: CCM, Pep Band
Best Moment: I came in 4th place in a Super Smash Bros. tournament. You could say I'm kind of a big deal.
Favorite animal: Water Bear
Superpower: My superpower would be super intelligence. If it only worked during finals week, that would be cool too.
North 3rd Floor (377):
Name: Brianna Meeks
Major: (undeclared) Biology
Involvement: Ballroom Dance Club and Intervarsity Campus Ministry
Best Moment at W&M: staying up "late" one night to talk with Ballroom people about the value of language 
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Superpower: Teleportation
North 4th Floor (441):
Name: Ariel Cadby-Spicer
Major: Undecided
Involvement: Residence Life, Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship (MANOS), International Relations Club, and am an intern at AidData.
Best moment at W&M: I could not for sure tell say what my best moment at William and Mary is, but as cheesy as it sounds, convocation was definitely one of the most memorable. I am extremely excited to be participating in the ceremony as a William and Mary student on the other side.
Favorite Animal:  Kangaroos
Superpower: I would want super speed to be able to get places really quickly, especially because William and Mary is so spread out!
South 1st Floor (115):
Name: Raghda Aboulatta 
Major: Government
Involvement: Member of MSA and MESA 
Best Moment at William and Mary: My sister and I were serenaded by an acapella group on Valentine's Day, my freshman year 
Favorite Animal: baby elephants! 
Superpower: Ability to transport  
South 2nd floor (224):
Name: Marianna Stepniak
Major: Double major in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and English
Involvement: Residence Halls Association, Circle K International, National Residence Halls Honorary, Choir, Euphony 
Best Moment at W&M: late-night conversations with good friends
Favorite Animal: frogs
Superpower: ability to selectively read minds
South 2nd floor (233):
Name: Aram Mohammadi
Major: International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies
Involvement: Building manager in Sadler, Middle Eastern Student Association (former Director of Finance), Advocate at the Haven 
Best Moment: transferring to the College! (I am a transfer student)
Favorite animal: pandas 
Superpower: flight 
South 3rd Floor (324):
Name: Dakota Hunter
Major: Biology/Environmental Science double major
Best moment at W&M: The day I discovered the fit trails behind Botetourt 
Favorite animal: hummingbird
Superpower:  Telepathy 
South 3rd Floor (333):
Name: Hannah Freeman
Major: Psych and History
Involvement: PBL at William and Mary, work at Qdoba, and involved with Project Phoenix.
Favorite moment(s) at W&M: Hanging out at the Amphitheater with my friends.
Favorite animal: Turtles.
Superpower: I would want to be a chameleon so I could become a spy because spies.
South 4th floor (407):
Name: Caroline Davis
Major: Economics and Mathematics
Involvement: AMP, Research Assistant at AidData
Best Moment at W&M: I don't have a single best moment per se, but my favorite W&M tradition is Yule Log in the winter!
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Superpower: Time travel