Lemon and Hardy Welcome Message

Greetings from The College of William & Mary!

On behalf of the Lemon and Hardy staff, I would like to say welcome to our “home”.  My name is Peter Bandel, and I am the Area Director. As a full-time professional, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the area. I also supervise the student staff members that live in the halls so that they may assist you and create a safe learning environment.

We are very excited that you have chosen to join our community for the upcoming academic year! The staff will be working diligently throughout the summer to plan exciting programs and activities to enhance your experience of living with us. We would love to have you all take an active and interested role in this community so that together we may create an inclusive and empowering community. There are many ways to get involved in the residence halls, but one in particular is to join Hall Council. Hall Council is the governing body for the residence halls, which allows you, the student, to have a direct influence into what your experience will be on campus and in your William & Mary home. I encourage you to take an active role in YOUR community by becoming an Executive Board member, a Hall Representative, or even a general body member. 

Should you have any questions between now and move-in day, we suggest that you look over our website. It is loaded with a lot of helpful and detailed information designed to be a great resource. Also, you may want to take minute to look at the online videos to get a better look at what your building and room may look like before you arrive on campus. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

We look forward to seeing you!

Peter Bandel
Residence Life
The College of William & Mary
757-221-1240 (fax)

A letter to the residents of Lemon & Hardy halls from the Residence Life Staff:

Welcome to the Lemon & Hardy Residence Halls!

Lemon and Hardy has:

-       Many spacious study rooms and lounges

-       Kitchens on each floor

-       Flatscreen T.V.’s

-       Game room with Pool and foosball table

-       DVD’s, game systems, cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, and board games that can be checked out from the duty office

-       Two soundproof piano practice rooms

-       Great laundry facilities

-       Outdoor grills and furniture

We encourage residents to get involved by joining Hall Council. Hall council gives residents a chance to become leaders through self-government, to bring changes to the Lemon & Hardy community, and to purchase things they want for their building! The ability to self-govern comes from the policy of Self-Determination, which is an important piece of living on-campus at William & Mary. You can learn more about Self-Determination by visiting our webpage and watching our short video at http://tinyurl.com/communitynorms. Being involved will also give you a chance to meet great people and to get to know the RA’s!

The Lemon & Hardy Staff was selected for their unique qualities that will make your experience a positive one. Get to know your RAs better by reading more about them here:

Lemon & Hardy 2016-2017 Hall Staff

Hardy 172
Name: Carlton Smith
Major: Master’s in Higher Education Administration
Involvement: Graduate Education Association
Best Moment at W&M: My final concert senior year with DoubleTake
Favorite Animal: Sloth Bear
Superpower: Super Speed (similar to the Flash) 

Hardy 171: 
Name: Waverly Garner
Major: Biology / Minor: Mathematics
Involvement: The College Company (2015); CCM; Wesley; Friends of Appalachian Music (FOAM); Appalachian Music Ensemble
Best moment at W&M: Blowout Concert with AME 2015
Favorite Animal: Nymphalis antiopa (The Mourning Cloak)
Superpower: Teleportation

Hardy 267 
Name: Allison Esquen-Roca
Major: Government
Involvement: Korean-American Student Association (2015-2016 Co-President), Cheese Club, Chinese Student Organization, Filipino American Student Association, CPALS, and Campus Kitchens.
Best moment at W&M: The time my friends and I decided to learn the choreography to one of JLo’s songs -- there were a lot of outtakes and a lot of laughter
Favorite Animal: Lion
Superpower: Mind reading

Hardy 277   
Name: Hannah Freeman
Major: Psychology and History
Involvement: Environmental, Health and Safety Office, Branch Out Alternative Spring Break
Best moment at W&M: All of my freshman year. All of the little moments with my hallmates made me fall in love with the Tribe over and over again.
Favorite Animal: baby goats
Superpower: Superhuman problem-solving

Hardy 367 
Name: Thomas Harwood
Major: History
Involvement: ROTC, Honor Council
Best moment at W&M: Buying a jar of house dressing from the cheese shop
Favorite Animal: Northern hairy-nosed wombat
Superpower: invisibility

Hardy 377 
Name: Catherine Romadka-Fahl
Major: Finance
Involvement: Lambda Alliance, Intonations a cappella
Best moment at W&M: Wren 10 with the Intonations
Favorite Animal: a cat or a penguin!
Superpower: flight

Hardy 441
Name: Caroline Davis
Major: Economics and Mathematics
Involvement: Research Assistant for AidData, Economics Research Assistant, AMP Homebrew Committee
Best moment at W&M: Summer Research at WM
Favorite Animal: Dogs, preferably large
Superpower: Time Travel

Lemon 115
Name: Sabrina Mayor
Major: International Relations
Involvement: Spotswood Society, Sharpe Community Scholars Program, and CSD’s Student Peer Advisory Network
Best moment at W&M: Going with my friends to Busch Gardens my sophomore year and doing every haunted house with them. Voices may have been lost at the end of the night, but friendships were made and strengthened.
Favorite Animal: Koala
Superpower: Shape Shifter

Lemon 224
Name: Marianna Stepniak
Major: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and English
Involvement: Choir, Residence Hall Association, Circle K International, National Residence Hall Honorary
Best moment at W&M: going on domestic tour with the choir
Favorite Animal: frogs
Superpower: the ability to read minds selectively

Lemon 233
Name: Colin Lightfoot
Major: Computer Science
Involvement: ACM
Best moment at W&M: Canoe Battleship on Lake Matoaka
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Superpower: Super-speed

Lemon 324
Name: Joshua Brown
Major: Neuroscience
Involvement: W&M Wind Ensemble, W&M Jazz Band
Best moment at W&M: My friend and I played this game where we took a wheeled desk chair and rode down the hill behind Sadler. It was probably the best finals stress relief I could have asked for.
Favorite Animal: Sloth
Superpower:  I would be able to turn other people into me. Bad guy about to punch me in the face? No, that's just Josh being friends with Josh. Four exams next week? No, I'm going to take a nap; Joshes will take care of those for me.

Lemon 333
Name: Jasmin Yoselyn Cruz
Major: Biology/Pre-Med
Involvement: Residence Hall Association, State Board for VACURH, Global Medical Brigades, BCM, Medical volunteer
Best moment at W&M: When after a really long week, my friends and I went to get hot chocolate and went to Lake Matoaka to stargaze the worries away.
Favorite Animal: Quetzal
Superpower: Teleportation

Lemon 407
Name: Michaela Rossi
Major: Biology (Pre-Med)
Involvement: Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary, Safe Zone, Knitting Club
Best moment at W&M: My sophomore year I was the RA on a freshman hall and every Tuesday night during the first semester, some of the residents would pile into my room, sit on the floor with popcorn and we would all watch Scream Queens.
Favorite Animal: Cats!
Superpower: Telepathy