James Rowe Welcome Messages

A Message from your Area Director

Greetings from the The College of William & Mary!

This message goes out to all new and returning students, parents, family and friends. I want to personally welcome you to James Rowe. My name is Terry Fassanella and I am the Area Director. You may ask yourself, what is an Area Director? I am a full-time employee of the College with a Masters Degree in College Student Personnel. Overall, I am responsible for the day to day management and activities that occur in James Rowe. As a full time residence life professional, it is my responsibility to ensure that we offer support to our new and returning students.

There are many student staff members in this area who are ready to assist you and provide a multitude of programming opportunities to enhance your residential experience. One of the greatest ways to be involved in your community is to be a part of Hall Council-- the governing body for the residence halls. I encourage you to take an active role in your community.

Please review this web site for detailed information on all the Residence Halls in this area, as well as information specifically geared for first-year students. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

The staff and I would like to welcome you to the James Rowe Area! We are looking forward to a great year.

See you in August!

Terry Fassanella
James Rowe Area Director
The College of William and Mary
(757) 221-3183

Barrett/Chandler/Landrum/Lodges Welcome to Residents

Future Residents,

On behalf of the Residence Life staff, we would like to welcome you to Barrett, Chandler, and Landrum Halls, and The Lodges! We are very excited to meet all of you this coming August, and we are looking forward to a great year ahead.  We would like to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting features and what to expect from us when you first arrive in the fall.

Located on Old Campus, Barrett Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.  It has a large porch with rocking chairs, parlors with comfortable couches, and high ceilings in every room. Barrett also features a kitchen and laundry room on each floor.

Located in one of the most central locations on campus, Landrum offers spacious common areas, suite baths, and a large, comfortable parlor which is great for studying and socializing with friends. Landrum is also home to substance-free living on half of the first floor. 

The newly renovated Chandler will be open in the fall. Located between Barrett and Landrum, this building will offer suite style rooms with kitchens on every floor, and laundry rooms in the basement and on the first floor. This brand new space will also be air conditioned.

The Lodges are among the most popular housing options on campus, and are located across from the Sadler Center and next to the Daily Grind. These unique cottage-style residencies are single-sex by lodge and have three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a large common room. Though the lodges have plenty of room for each resident, they are a cozy, private place to live in the heart of campus.

Barrett, Landrum and The Lodges fall under the supervision of Area Director, Terry Fassanella, with support from the Head Residents, Rebekah Koch (Chandler, Landrum and Lodges) and Morgan Bayer (Barrett).  Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the 2015-2016 Residence Life staff for questions about our area and your return to campus. We are excited to meet you during move-in in August! 

The 2015-2016 Residence Life staffs of Chandler, Barrett, Landrum, and The Lodges

Terry Fassanella


Area Director

Rebekah Koch


Head Resident

Michael Woods


RA - Chandler 117

Nathalie Moore


RA - Chandler 215

Abdel Aboulatta


RA - Chandler 315

Tejas Aralere


RA - Landrum 105

Maria Miao


RA - Landrum 205

Charith Ratnayake


RA - Landrum 225

Meronne Teklu


RA - Landrum 305

Emilee Hunt


RA- Landrum 325

Lydia Hurtado


RA – Landrum 404

Joseph Baker


RA - Landrum B14

Kiara Earle


RA - Barrett 121

Reagan Hedlund


RA – Barrett 215

Alex Krupski


RA - Barrett 221

Megan Embrey


RA - Barrett 315

Kristian Welch


RA - Barrett 321

Evan Brandolino


RA - Lodge 8