James Rowe Welcome Messages

A Message from your Area Director

Greetings from the The College of William and Mary!

This message goes out to all students, family and friends. The Office of Residence Life wants to personally welcome you for the upcoming year. I am the Area Director for the James Rowe Residential Area; which is comprised of Barrett (upperlevel, coed), Chandler (upperlevel, coed), Jefferson (freshmen, coed), Landrum (upperlevel, coed) , and One Tribe Place (upperlevel, coed). You might ask yourself, what is an Area Director? An Area Director is a full-time employee of the College with a Masters degree. Overall, the Area Director is responsible for the day to day activities that occur in this residential area.

There are 31 student staff members in this area who are ready to assist you and provide a multitude of programming opportunities to enhance your residential experience. One of the greatest ways to be involved in your community is to be a part of Hall Council-- the governing body for the residence halls. I encourage you to take an active role in your community.

Please review this web site for detailed information on all the Residence Halls in this area, as well as information specifically geared for first-year students. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

The staff and I would like to welcome you to the James Rowe Area! We are looking forward to a great year.

See you in August!

Rich Schofield
James Rowe Area Director
The College of William and Mary
(757) 221-3182




A Message from the Barrett, Chandler, Landrum & One Tribe Place Staff

Dear Future Residents,

On behalf of the Residence Life staff, we would like to welcome you to Barrett and Landurm Halls and One Tribe Place! We are very excited to meet all of you this coming August, and we are looking forward to a great year ahead.  We would like to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting features and what to expect from us when you first arrive in the fall.

Located on Old Campus, Barrett Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.  It has a large porch with rocking chairs, parlors with comfortable couches, and high ceilings in every room. Barrett also features a kitchen and laundry room on each floor. While Barrett has previously been used as a freshman hall, we are excited to welcome you as its first generation of upperlevel residents. We look forward to continuing the strong tradition of community throughout the year.

Located in one of the most central locations on campus, Landrum offers spacious common areas, suite baths, and a large, comfortable parlor which is great for studying and socializing with friends. While Landrum has previously housed only female residents, the building will be co-ed beginning in the fall. Landrum is also home of the eco-house, where residents strive to lead the way for a greener future at W&M. 

Chandler Hall is located next to Landrum and offers suite style rooms. One Tribe Place is a newly acquired hotel that will open this fall.

Barrett, Landrum and Chandler fall under the supervision of your Area Director, Rich Schofield, with support from the Head Residents, Mary Grech and Danett Song.  Tyler Edwards is the Hall Director for One Tribe Place. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the 2013-2014 Residence Life staff for questions about our area and your return to campus. We are excited to meet you during move-in in August! 

Hall Council is an integral part of the community. We encourage you to join Hall Council and run for a leadership position. Everyone is encouraged to participate! Serving on Hall Council allows you to help plan fun activities for your fellow residents and to participate actively in your building’s governing body. At the College, we pride ourselves on creating and developing strong, healthy communities within our residence halls. Over the past thirty years, we have fostered community by implementing a self-determination policy, where students can decide for themselves the guidelines of the community and participate in enforcing those guidelines. We encourage you to look at the clip on self-determination, which will help get everyone prepared for the process of developing our community agreements at the beginning of the school year.

The Residence Life staff


The Barrett & Landrum Residence Life Staff
Irina Calos [[e|mecalos]] Landrum B14
Conor MacDonnell [[e|cpmacdonnell]] Landrum 105
Sagra Alvarado [[e|smalvarado]] Landrum 205
Ben Fortman [[e|bmfortman]] Landrum 225
Kayla Elias [[e|khelias]] Landrum 305
Elena van den Berg [[e|wevandenberg]] Landrum 325
Briana List [[e|bmlist]] Landrum 404
Mallory Tucker
[[e|mmtucker]] Barrett 121
Deniz Oran
[[e|dtoran]] Barrett 215
Kyle Borda
[[e|kaborda]] Barrett 221
Erin Embrey
[[e|emembrey]] Barrett 315
Allison Prell
[[e|aaprell]] Barrett 321
Lauren Bomgardner [[e|lebomgardner]] One Tribe Place
Kayla Brevard [[e|knbrevard]] One Tribe Place
Elizabeth Camery [[e|ekcamery]] One Tribe Place
Marissa Carpio [[e|micarpio]] One Tribe Place
Lexi Hartley [[e|arhartley]] One Tribe Place
Serena Saffarini [[e|srsaffarini]] One Tribe Place
Michael Woods [[e|mtwoods]] One Tribe Place
Komal Parhar [[e|kkparhar]] Chandler
Tyler Edwards [[e|tdedwards]] Hall Director, One Tribe Place
Mary Grech
[[e|megrech]] Head Resident
Danett Song [[e|dsong]] Head Resident
Rich Schofield [[rpscho]] Area Director



A Message from the Jefferson Hall Staff

Dear Future Jefferson Hall Residents,

Welcome to Jefferson Hall!  We are excited that you are coming to live in our area, and we are eager to meet all of you in August.  Jefferson offers some fantastic living arrangements for your enjoyment.  The first floor is all female, and the second and third floors as well as the basement are split down the middle male and female. First, second, and third floors have two staff members on each side; the basement has one RA.  There are kitchens (great) on each floor as well as at least one lounge.  Each room has its own sink and mirror.  The laundry is located in the basement.  Jefferson will share a duty office with Barrett Hall and the office will be located in Barrett 108.

Jefferson allows for great access to Colonial Williamsburg, as well as the Campus Center and the Marketplace.  There are picnic tables and a grill right outside the building next to the “climbing tree”. 

We encourage you to join your Hall Council and become leaders in the building; it is a valuable experience that allows you to help plan fun activities for your fellow residents and to serve as the governing body for the building.  Hall Council is also responsible for providing social and educational programs and keeping the duty office stocked. Residents who pay dues will have access to items in the duty office such as DVD players, movies, vacuums, Wii video g ame system and games, cleaning supplies, board games, outdoor games, and much more.  Hall Council is a part of self-determination within the residence halls.  Self-determination means that students who live in each residence hall determine their own rules and regulations. We also encourage you to look at the clip on self-determination, which will help get everyone prepared for the process of developing our community agreements at the beginning of the school year.  

Jefferson falls under the supervision of your Area Director, Rich Schofield, with support from your Head Resident, Danett Song.

The 2013-2014 Jefferson Hall Staff


The 2013-2014 Jefferson Hall Staff
Rich Schofield [[rpscho]] Area Director
Dannett Song
[[e|dsong]] Head Resident
Kendra Jackson
[[e|kjjackson]] Jefferson B3
Em Pierce
[[e|eapierce]] Jefferson 104
Abbey Doski
[[e|amdoski]] Jefferson 129
Tyler Chapman
[[e|wtchapman]] Jefferson 215
Morgan Bayer
[[e|mgbayer]] Jefferson 209
Cheyenne Williams
[[e|ccwilliams02]] Jefferson 315
Dylan Frendt
[[e|drfendt]] Jefferson 319