Storage Information

Fall 2016

Residence Life will provide very limited summer storage space at no charge for those students who will be returning to campus housing in the fall. Storage will be restricted to the Landrum Attic. Since space is limited, once the storage area is filled it will be closed. Space cannot be reserved. 

Final Storage Access - Fall 2016


4:00pm - 5:00pm


4:00pm - 5:00pm


4:00pm - 5:00pm


4:00pm - 5:00pm


Access to storage outside of scheduled hours is extremely limited and is dependent on staff availability. If you have questions about storage, please contact Terry Fassanella [[tafassanella]].  All arrangements must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Please note, we do not provide carts, hand trucks or any assistance with moving your belongings. Storage will NOT be available after January 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: Items cannot be left in Landrum storage throughout the semester/year if the student is present on campus. The Area Director will inventory storage and contact residents through W&M e-mail, or phone/text about retrieving their property that is left in the storage rooms. Items not picked up from Landrum storage after numerous attempts have been made to contact the student about picking up their property will be considered abandoned and either be donated or discarded. Storage will NOT be available after Janaury 2017.


Please note: Storage is at your own risk. It is strongly recommended that personal property insurance be obtained by each student. THE UNIVERSITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEFT OF OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY. Therefore, everything placed in storage should be locked and secured.ngings should be taken by the students to the Landrum Attic during storage hours noted above. After closing no access to this storage room will be permitted until summer school check-in on. It should be reemphasized that the College assumes NO responsibility for loss of or damage to personal property. Summer school students should not store items they will need over the summer in central storage since access to these areas will be prohibited until the fall semester begins.

Do not leave any itmes in the Landrum Attic hallway outside of storage -- all such items will be considered abandoned property and discarded.

Storage Term and Conditions
  • Storage is at your own risk. The College is not responsible for theft or damage to stored items. It is strongly recommended that personal property insurance be obtained by each student.
  • Access to items stored MAY NOT be gained over the summer. This storage room will not be opened until the fall semester officially begins. Students in Summer Housing should store their belongings in the designated room in Landrum Attic.
  • No combustibles, flammable or explosive items are permitted in storage.
  • All stored items must be in *stackable containers, secured and labeled with your name, next year's residence hall assignment, and the words "Store Until Fall 2016" or "Store Until Summer 2016".
  • Refrigerators, bicycles, lofts and microwaves may be stored. Lofts must be disassembled and securely bundled.
  • No furniture, rugs, carpets, etc. may be stored. Unauthorized or improperly stored items will be discarded by the College.
  • DO NOT leave items in the hallways - they will be discarded and you may be billed for removal.
  • Those storage spaces not mentioned above (Landrum Attic) will be emptied and cleared out over the summer and items found there will be discarded with no liability to the College.
  • Items left in rooms, hallways, lounges, and other areas will also be discarded.
  • Storage will NOT be available after January 2017.

*Examples of stackable containers include boxes, plastic storage totes, and suitcases. These items need to be able to stack one on top of the other safely.


It is very important that you remove all personal belongings from any storage space that is not mentioned above. Those storage spaces not mentioned will be cleared out and those items found will be discarded with no liability to the University. Items left in rooms, hallways, and lounges will also be discarded.

Storage will NOT be available after Janaury 2017.

Resident Assistants do not have access to storage areas outside of regularly scheduled hours.

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