Undergraduate Housing Application

This electronic form will automatically submit your application to the Residence Life Office. It will be used to generate assignments and make housing offers. If your information changes or you no longer require housing, please call the Residence Life Office to update your application.

We will begin making offers for Fall housing in late May or early June and continue throughout the summer, for Spring housing in late December and early January. Please make sure you provide us with contact information for the appropriate timeframe.
*Housing Needed Beginning:
*Student Status:
4500 characters maximum
4500 characters maximum
The Residence Life staff will notify you using the above phone/fax numbers and/or email address. We cannot be responsible for missed opportunities due to inaccurate or incomplete information. If you would like to include additional information, please provide this in the space provided below. This may be necessary if you are leaving a school address on a certain date or moving. Please notify our office immediately if a change has taken place so that we can make the appropriate corrections. Thank you. Please select the most appropriate response to each of the following questions.
*Are you a smoker?
*Would you mind if your roommate smokes?
*Are you interested in Special Interest Housing?
Indicate all Special Interest Housing options that interest you. Those interested in a language house should contact the Department of Modern Languages at 757.221.3634 for an application and evaluation. Those interested in the Reves program should contact the Reves Center at 757.221.3590.
Are you a member of the fraternity/sorority listed above? A letter from the organization's President is required before we can officially place you in the House.
4500 characters maximum
4500 characters maximum
For men, I am not a member of a Greek organization, but would consider being assigned to a vacancy in the fraternity and would like to be contacted by a member of CFA (Council of Fraternity Affairs) regarding the spaces available.
Please print a copy of this form for your records before submitting.

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