Graduate Housing Application Form

Unless otherwise noted most correspondence will be done over e-mail so please make sure you provide us with an active e-mail account that you check on a regular basis.

Please note: For Fall the Graduate Complex opens for check-in mid August (check back for more details later). If you want to move-in before this time, you must fill out a summer housing application.

Early arrivals are not guaranteed and are based on whether your apartment is ready for occupancy.

*Housing Needed Beginning:
4500 characters maximum
4500 characters maximum
The Residence Life Staff will notify you using the above phone/fax numbers and/or email address. We cannot be responsible for missed opportunities due to inaccurate or incomplete information. If you would like to include additional information, please provide this in the space provided below. This may be necessary if you are leaving a school address on a certain date or moving. Please notify our office immediately if a change has taken place so that we can make the appropriate corrections. Thank You.
*Which school have you been admitted to?
The information below will help the Residence Life Staff make the best possible room assignments within the Graduate Complex. The preferences give will be used to make compatible assignments based on the information provided and the availability of space. Please indicate the most appropriate responses to each of the following questions.
*1. Are you a smoker?
*2. Would you mind if your roommate smokes?
*3. Would you prefer to live with others in your academic program?
*4. Would you prefer roommates who follow a "regular" schedule? "Regular" = sleep approximately 11pm - 7am?
*5. Is it important to you that the apartment is kept neat and clean?
*6. Do you have a particular roommate in mind?
*7. Would you prefer a two, three, or four bedroom apartment? Please rank: two bedroom apartment (shares 1 bathroom)
*three bedroom apartment (shares 1 bathroom)
*four bedroom apartment (shares 2 bathrooms)
Before submitting information we encourage you to print this page for your records.

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