Fall, Thanksgiving, Semester and Spring Breaks 2015

Fall Break Information

Fall Break is October 10-13, 2015. All residence halls remain open during this time.

Thanksgiving Break Information

Thanksgiving Break is November 25-29, 2015. All residence halls remain open during this time.

Semester Break Information

Undergraduate Halls
All undergraduate halls except Tribe Square close at 10:00 am on Thursday, December 17 and reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, January 15. Tribe Square will remain open during the break. 


  • Close and lock all windows and doors
  • Turn off all lights

    * Residence Life Staff will enter all rooms to check that these things have been done.

Graduate Apartments
Will remain open during the break.

Information about storage.

Spring Break Information

Spring Break is March 5-13, 2016. All residence halls remain open during this time.

Planning to Stay?

If you live in one of the buildings which will be open and you are planning to stay, you must notify your Area Director by Friday, November 20 of the days which you plan to be here. Please note that the dining halls are closed over the break.

If you live in a building which will be closed but need to stay on campus, you must make your own arrangements with a resident of one of the buildings which will be open to use his or her room during the break. The occupants of the room must provide you with written permission, which must be submitted to your Area Director by Friday, November 20, as well as the room key and front door combination (if applicable). ID access will be temporarily transferred (if applicable).

Don't Bring Bedbugs Back from a Break

  • Inspect the bed in your motel/hotel. Take the sheet and pull it back and look at the folds and seams of the mattress. Check the mattress pad for signs of blood spots about the size of a pencil point.
  • When packing to leave, check your clothing and luggage for signs of the small insects.
  • If you get bitten while staying in a motel/hotel, look very carefully around the mattress and bed to try to determine if it is bedbugs. Report the situation to the motel/hotel staff.
  • Bedbugs can be killed by heat over 98 degrees. If you discover bedbugs in your clothing or linen, wash them in hot water and dry them in a dryer.
  • Carefully inspect anything you buy at a yard sale, garage sale, or thrift store-and wash it in hot water just to be safe.
What to do if you discover bedbugs in your room?
  • Signs you might have bedbugs:
    • You have white to red bites that itch intensely;
    • You discover small, light to dark brown, quarter-centimeter bugs on your sheets or couch; or
    • You discover small darkish-brown stains in the seams of your mattress.
  • Call Facilities Management at 757-221-2270 during business hours of 7:30am - 4:30pm to arrange inspection and treatment.