Post-Baccalaureate Students

College policy prohibits the awarding of a second baccalaureate degree.

Application Forms

Complete the Non-Degree Seeking Application and the Application to Determine Physical Residency/In-State Tuition (PDF) (if seeking Virginia in-state tuition privileges).


If you did NOT receive your bachelor's degree from William & Mary, send an official transcript from your degree granting institution to the Office of University Registrar. If it has been more than a year since you last applied as a non-degree seeking student, please re-submit your transcript.

Graduate Courses in Arts & Sciences

Graduate courses in Arts and Sciences (courses numbered 500 and above) are restricted to degree-seeking students. If you are interested in taking such a course, you will need to obtain permission from the instructor and the department's director of graduate studies prior to admission.

The Permission Form: Graduate Course for Unclassified Students is available through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research (757-221-2467) or from the department where you intend to take classes. Complete the form and have it signed by the instructor and the department's director of graduate studies and return it to the Office of University Registrar with your application for admission. 

To register for graduate courses in the Department of History, non-degree seeking students must follow the guidelines established by the department. Please visit the Department of History web site for details.

Graduate Courses in Other Schools

If you wish to take graduate courses in an area other than Arts and Sciences, DO NOT complete the Non-Degree Seeking Application. Instead, you must apply/register with the appropriate school. Please note that some of the graduate schools do not admit non-degree seeking students except under special circumstances. Contact graduate schools for more information:

Teacher Certification

If you have teacher certification questions, please contact the School of Education prior to submitting the Non-Degree Seeking  Student Application.