William & Mary

Room Scheduling

The Office of the University Registrar schedules classrooms for academic courses and reserves public access computer labs for all activities. The Scheduling Office in the Campus Center reserves rooms for non-academic activities.

Academic Activities - Ad Hoc Scheduling

An academic activity is a scheduled course, or an activity related to a scheduled course. (Examples: BIOL 100 01, Film for RUSN 308 02, Review Session for MATH 112 01, Make-up Test for ANTH 203 01, etc.)  To reserve a classroom for an academic activity, [[slturn,please email our office]] with the following information:

  • Sponsoring department
  • Contact name
  • Phone #
  • Type of activity (review session, film, make-up test, etc.)
  • Course Number and Section
  • Day of the week, date, and time that you need a room
  • Headcount
  • The room you are requesting
  • Alternate room possibilities
Non-Academic Activities

These are events that do not directly relate to an academic course offering. (Examples: meetings, lectures, interviews, non-class related events, etc.) Rooms for these activities must be reserved by the Scheduling Office.