William & Mary

Fall 2011 Exam Schedule


  • Final Exam Room Assignments will be posted here during the last week of classes.

If you are creating your FINAL course syllabus, please confirm with our office prior to distribution to students.


Please confirm with instructor prior to exam date.

Key to Symbols

Class Meeting Days
M: Monday; T: Tuesday; W: Wednesday; R: Thursday; F: Friday; S: Saturday; U: Sunday
Classes meeting on Tuesday and Thursday will be listed TR.

 Dates & Days

First Period

9:00-12:00 noon

Second Period


 Third Period


for late afternoon

& evening classes

 December 3 & 4

 Saturday and    Sunday


 Reading Days

 Dec 5


   11:00am MWF

  8:00am TR

 4:30pm or later F

 BUAD 350

 Dec 6


9:00am MWF


  3:30pm TR

 4:30pm or later W

 BUAD 203

 Dec 7


 3:30pm MW or MWF or WF

10:00am MWF


 4:30pm or later M or MW &  BUAD 323

 Dec 8


12:00 noon MWF


 All Modern Languages

101  &  201

 5:00pm or later T or R or TR  BIOL 220

 Dec 9


8:00am MWF


11:00am TR


BUAD 301

 Dec 10 & 11

 Saturday and  Sunday

 Reading Days

 Dec 12


MATH 104, 106, 111, 112, 212  BUAD  343


2:00pm  MW

or MWF or WF


 Dec 13


12:30pm TR


1:00pm MWF



 Dec 14


 9:30am TR

2:00pm TR