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Safety Officers

What Are Safety Officers?

Safety Officers are club members who are certified in First Aid and/or CPR. They serve a vital purpose to each Sport Club. Each club has specific Safety Officer requirements that must be adhered to in order to function. Failure to adhere to Safety Officer requirements will lead to termination of club activity, probation, and/or suspension. 

Each club is responsible for ensuring they have at least two Safety Officers present at each club practice or event. Safety Officers are the only club members who may check out keys to rooms in the Rec Center and William and Mary Hall, Busch Tennis Courts, and Busch Turf and Grass.

How Do I Become a Safety Officer?

To become a Safety Officer, follow these steps:

  1. Be certified in First Aid and/or CPR. Bring in your original certifications to the Sport Club Office - we'll check that they are up to date and make a copy to keep on file.
  2. Complete Form S online as a Safety Officer. Once registered, you will be added to a Safety Officer Blackboard course.
  3. View the Safety Officer Training slideshow available on Blackboard.
  4. Once you have been added to the Blackboard Course, you must take and pass the Safety Officer Quiz (accessible only through Blackboard).
  5. When you have successfully passed the Safety Officer quiz, your name will be added to the official Safety Officer list (xls).
What is My Job as a Safety Officer?

Safety Officers are responsible for a number of things:

  • Ensuring that all club members have completed and submitted a Waiver/Agreement to Participate
  • Maintaining the club's First Aid kit, which can be restocked with supplies from the Equipment Room in the Student Rec Center. First Aid kits must be present at every club practice and event.
  • Being aware of the Sport Club Emergency Protocols (pdf) and filling out an Injury/Incidence Report (pdf) should an incident occur. A copy of the Emergency Protocols should be kept on hand at all club events in case they are needed.
  • Showing up! Every club must have at least two or more safety officers at every club event. More specific rules can be found listed in the Safety Officer Requirements.
Safety Officer Requirements

Generally, at least two First Aid certified members and two CPR certified members must be present at each club practice, game and event.  Some clubs may have additional requirements. 

Please direct any questions about Safety Officer requirements to the [[rsclub, Sport Club Office]].