Required & Preferred Sources

Required sources are required to be used when obtaining those needed goods/services for departments.  Any issues arising from utilizing the following required sources should be directed to the Procurement contact listed for the specific source. 

            Cell Phones

            Enterprise Rental Vehicles

            Furniture (Virginia Correctional Enterprises)

Preferred sources are contracted vendors the university strongly encourages the campus to utilize for their needed goods and services.  Utilizing our preferred sources to the greatest extent possible will contribute to higher utilization of the contract and allow for greater bargaining power when renewing the contract, which should result in better pricing. There are over 1,200 VASCUPP cooperative contracts covering a wide variety of goods and services available for use by William and Mary.  Please contact Staci Longest [[smlongest]] for any questions regarding preferred sources.

            Business Cards (Virginia Correctional Enterprises)

            UPS/FedEx Shipping

            Office Supplies (The Supply Room)

            Contracts Guides by Category

            VASCUPP Contract Listing

            Local Hotels with Direct Billing