The following templates have been developed by Procurement and University Counsel to fulfill contract needs that occur on a regular basis.  One of the benefits of using a template is that both the department and vendor can fill in the blanks and execute the contract if operating within the guidelines of your delegated authority.  If any alteration is made to either a template or addendum, it must be reviewed in advance of signature by Procurement.

Blank  Consulting Approval Form (.doc) The Consulting Approval form must be completed and sent to the Office of Procurement for review and approval prior to contracting with a consultant.

Independent Contractor - Consultant Agreement (.doc)

If the determination is made that an individual should be retained as an independent contractor or consultant instead of as an employee, the independent contract template is easy to execute.  The department and the proposed contractor should work together to fill in all the blanks on the form, sign the agreement and retain a copy to be submitted to Accounts Payable when the contractor delivers their invoice. If any alterations are needed or requested, they must be reviewed in advance by Procurement.

Guests, Speakers, and Performing Artists Addendum(.doc)

Speaker Short Form.doc

Speaker and artists contracts typically include special terms and conditions.  The speaker addendum addresses these issues.  If the artist and/or their agent/agency agree to the terms of the addendum without any changes and sign the addendum, we can accept their contract as written. If any changes are requested, the addendum must be reviewed in advance by Procurement.

If you are having a speaker/entertainer come to campus that is not submitting W&M with a contract, please use the speaker short form.

Honorarium Form (.docx) If the engagement you are attempting to arrange falls within the following definition completing the honorarium form will enable payment.  Please note that the honorarium form is not a contract and does not require the payee’s signature.  It is intended only as a means to ensure payment. 

An honorarium is a one-time payment, made to an individual who is not an employee of the College of William and Mary for a special and non-recurring activity or event for which no remuneration is collectible by law. Honoraria are typically paid to persons of scholarly or professional standing with the intent of showing appreciation for participation in the College educational, research, or public service activities.
Standard Contract Addendum (.doc) This addendum contains standard contract terms and conditions that the university requires as an entity of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  This addendum should be attached to most agreements for goods and services received by the university.
Standard Addendum (Hotel) (.doc) Hotel contracts offer contain clauses that agencies of the Commonwealth cannot accept.  One option is to redline the hotel’s contract to remove the offensive clauses and add those clauses we would like to have.  The alternative is to present the addendum to the hotel and ask them to sign it as an addendum to their contract.  If the hotel accepts the addendum as written, it is ok to sign the hotel contract.  If the hotel requests any alterations, please forward their amendments to Procurement for review and signature.

If you find yourself repeatedly entering into a type of contract that we do not have an addendum or template for, please contact Procurement and we will develop one for you.