Use of Form Contracts

1.  College Form Contracts

The College has a number of form contracts that can be used to handle common agreements. The use of a pre-approved form will help provide assurance that all needed terms have been included, and will also make any necessary reviews or approvals easier to obtain. Even when using a form contract, the responsible College employee should approach the contract thoughtfully, taking care that the form contract as completed clearly and completely describes the College’s expectations and commitments.

A list of form contracts is found on the Procurement Forms page.

Additional forms will be developed to address other types of contracts.  Should you regularly encounter a type of contract for which no appropriate form has been developed, but could prove useful, please contact either the Office of Procurement or the Office of University Counsel.

2.  Contractor Form Contracts

Many contractors will provide their own contract forms, and will expect – or demand – the use of their contracts. Many of these contracts contain terms that are not in the College’s best interests, or are unlawful for the College to agree to.

Wherever possible, do not use a contractor’s form; the College-approved form should suffice. In some instances, a contractor will insist upon the use of its form. In such cases, the College requires the execution of an Addendum or an edit of the contractor's form to meet the College's requirements. The purpose of the Addendum is to modify the contractor’s form so as to remove or cancel terms that are unlawful or unacceptable to the College. The College has developed form Addenda. These should be signed by both the contractor and the College.

Contractor form addenda are found on the Procurement Forms page.

Additional Addenda can be developed to address other situations. Contact the Office of Procurement or Office of University Counsel to explore whether such a form would be useful.

3.  Specific Contract Terms

During contract development, questions regularly arise about specific contract terms. These might appear during negotiation with a prospective contractor, or when a contractor offers his form contract in lieu of the College’s. There are some contract terms that are necessary, that we cannot agree to or are problematic.  The following links will bring you to a listing of specific clauses.

a.  Required contract terms

b.  Prohibited contract terms

c.  Optional contract terms

d.  Fact Specific contract terms