Legal Review of Contracts

The Office of University Counsel may review any contract related to the university.  In general, University Counsel will be the first point of contact for any contract that falls outside of goods and services,  the Office of Sponsored Programs, Technology Transfer or leases.  In many cases, University Counsel has developed (or will develop) a form contract for a particular area. So long as the form contract is completed in accordance within the advice provided by University Counsel, an “eyes on” review of a contract is not required. Of course, College employees are always encouraged to seek the advice of counsel for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Please note that University Counsel will review contracts only for potential legal problems and not for business judgments. Accordingly, terms such as pricing, payment or the credibility of an organization will not be evaluated. The department developing and administering the contract is responsible for ensuring that the contract terms and conditions are fair and acceptable to the College.

Once University Counsel has reviewed a contract and suggested modifications, the other party may decide that some of the College’s terms are unacceptable or insist on terms that may be unacceptable to the College. If so, University Counsel may be able to provide suitable alternative language. 

To have a contract reviewed, forward a copy of the contract to University Counsel. Be sure to: (1) indicate the individual responsible for negotiating the contract; and (2) the date by which the review should be concluded. Include any specific questions or problems and any comments or suggestions that would help our staff to understand the purpose of the contract. Please send the request to the Office of University Counsel, c/o Deborah Love at [[w|dalove]].