Office of Procurement

Procurement is responsible for ensuring that all contracts for the purchase of goods, equipment and/or services comply with the College’s contracting and procurement policies. All contracts that involve the purchase of goods, equipment and/or services valued at $5,000 or greater must go through Procurement. Contracts valued less than $5,000 must be made in accordance with The College’s contracting and signature authority policies. These polices can be found on the Office of Procurement’s website.

Employees with written delegation of contracting authority may submit contracts for less than $5,000 to Procurement for review at their discretion. For additional information, please consult the Procurement website or contact Procurement at 757-221-3952.

In addition to new contracts, Procurement is available to review any renewals of existing contracts. Occasional changes in the law will impact an active contract even if the parties have made no changes. Modifications made during the existing term of a contract should also be reviewed to determine how these changes affect the agreement and to ensure that the changes are in keeping with College and Commonwealth requirements.