New eVA Feature - State-Entered Vendors (SEV)


eVA has started uploading some of the state’s current Ad Hoc vendors in the eVA vendor database known as, ‘State-Entered Vendors’, SEV.

Full Description

When entering orders, please perform a quick vendor search to see if your traditionally ‘Ad Hoc’ vendor is in the eVA system before manually creating the vendor or copying an old requisition.  

There are now two types of vendors in the eVA vendor database:

 State-Entered Vendors – Vendors the eVA folks have uploaded into the eVA database.  They are not eVA registered vendors, but will now be in the system to avoid the need to manually create the ad hoc vendor for every order.

Self-Registered Vendors – Vendors that have registered their company with eVA, have agreed to eVA ordering terms and conditions

One thing to note:  The contact information for these SEV vendors may not be correct.  The eVA folks are working on making sure the TIN and location are correct, not necessarily the phone number and fax, so I would recommend using the email or fax you obtained from the vendor to send a copy of the purchase order to the State-Entered Vendor.  Also, because these SEVs are not eVA registered vendors, please continue to use “R02” for orders with State-Entered Vendors.

 Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

 Marra Austin, VCO

Associate Director, Procurement Processes

Office of Procurement Services