7 Generations Pre-Orientation Program

What Does it Mean to Be Part of the Tribe Family?

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7 Generations 
The Program

In our 7 Generations pre-orientation program, we offer community service trips, modeled after alternative breaks, in August.  Each trip allows incoming first-year and transfer students to participate in hands-on service while learning about diverse social issues and community-building solutions.  7 Generations is an incredible opportunity to get connected to community service at W&M, meet some amazing classmates, and make a positive impact before move-in day.

Details about 7 Generation 2015 will be posted in late Spring.  
What 7 Generations is About
  • Learning about diverse social issues and community-building solutions
  • Addressing those issues through service in partnership with strong community organizations
  • Meeting other students  interested in community engagement and getting an early introduction to William & Mary

Here's what some former participants have to say about the impact of 7 Generations on them: 

Not only did I make amazing friends that will definitely last throughout college, I learned a lot more about hunger issues that I only vaguely knew about beforehand. This trip really opened my eyes to the fact that the food situation in our state/country is not necessarily as stable as I thought it was. -7G alum
It was pretty amazing how much my group bonded. It soothed a lot of my social anxieties before going to college! I also got many ideas on how I'm going to continue being an active server of the community at WM. -7G  alum

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The Trips                                                   

In Summer 2014, we offered three 7 Generations Trips.  Trip themes vary each year.  

Animals In Community

Students will partner with Heritage Humane Society and other regional animal shelters to support these agencies through service and engage with the following questions:

  • How do community values and resources influence community responses to domestic animals? 
  • Why do animal shelters exist and what roles do they play in addressing animals in community?
  • What work goes into caring for animals in community?
Affordable Housing
Students will partner with the Habitat ReStore and other housing programs in Williamsburg to support these agencies through service and engage with the following questions: 
  • How does a community create and sustain safe and affordable housing for all residents?
  • How does living in/owning safe and secure housing impact a family and their role in community?
  • What are the challenges to affordable housing in the Williamsburg area?

Food Systems in VA

Students will partner with local farms and the VA Food Bank to support their work  through service and engage with the following questions: 

  • What kind of work does it take to make healthy food locally?
  • How can access and interest be increased for healthy local food?
  • In particular, how can people with limited economic resources access healthy food? 

Trip Schedules

Final trip schedules are in devleopment with our community partners and subject to change, but you'll find the basic 2014 schedules below.  

Sunday and Friday all participants will share the same schedule. Beginning at 4pm, Sunday afternoon and evening will be dedicated to ice-breakers and introductions.  Friday will include a morning of direct service with a local community partner, an afternoon of meetings with on-campus and community leaders, and an evening of reflection and a cookout.  The program will end Saturday morning at 9am. 

Animals in Community 

Food Systems

Access to Housing 


9-4 pm Heritage Humane Society, Williamsburg, VA


9-3pm Heritage Humane Society,

Animal Control  Office


8-5pm Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center


9-5 pm Heritage Humane Society

7 pm K9 Connection, Service Dogs 


8:30-12:30 Kel Rae Farms, Williamsburg, VA

W&M Campus Kitchen


9-4pm Shalom Farms, Richmond, VA

7pm William Byrd House, Richmond, VA


9-4 Shalom Farms, Richmond, VA


Return to Williamsburg

VA Peninsula Food Bank

Meeting with local food agencies


8:30-1pm Housing Partnerships

2-5pm Habiat ReStore


8:30-1pm Housing Partnerships

2-5pm Habiat ReStore


9-12 pm Housing Partnerships

Meeting with Human Services & United Way


8:30-1pm Housing Partnerships

2-5pm Habiat ReStore


Each trip costs $185 per student.  These fees include travel expenses during the trip, food, housing and education materials. Payments are due by July 11th and will be processed online.  Further instructions on payment are provided when you register for the trip.

A limited number of $100 scholarships are availble and you may apply for a scholarship through the registration form.  

Can't commit to the whole week of 7 Generations or just want to add even more community enagement to the start of your W&M experience? Consider signing up for SHOW Day