Project Phoenix

Accepting New Mentors

The Program

Project Phoenix volunteers and students on a group tripAre you interested in tutoring and mentoring, but don't know where to go? Come to ProPho! Project Phoenix, commonly known as ProPho, is a tutoring and mentoring program that serves local middle school students at Berkeley and Toano middle school.  ProPho volunteers tutor on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays after-school.  

Our mentoring takes place on five Saturdays out of each semester.  ProPho volunteers work together to plan Saturday programs for the middle school participants.  The programs center around, but are not limited to, five areas (Career Exploration, Community Engagement, Culture Education, Health/Fitness, and Life Skills).  In the past, we've learned the importance of staying fit through African dance and gained insight into working in the community from visiting the local fire fighters of Williamsburg.  If you are interested in joining Project Phoenix, contact us at, or over the phone at757-221-2996.  

Partnership Between W&M and Local Schools

Project Phoenix works in partnership with guidance counselors from each middle school. Students who are not currently achieving academically and/or socially are offered an opportunity to participate in the program. Counselors discuss the program with each student's parent or guardian and determine whether Project Phoenix fits the student's needs prior to being accepted into the program. Periodic communication with guidance counselors and family members is integral to the success of the program.

W&M Volunteers

Project Phoenix has approximately 75 volunteers who serve as tutors and mentors. The corps of volunteers gives over 10,000 hours each academic year to making the program a success. Since the program's inception, approximately 800 students have volunteered an estimated 70,000 hours to the program and the community.

HistoryA W&M volunteer tutors a middle school student.

Project Phoenix was established in 1996 in partnership with the three Williamsburg-James City County middle schools. The program was established to provide William & Mary students the opportunity to impact the lives of middle school youth who are not currently achieving academically and/or socially.

Testimonials from Volunteers

"Project Phoenix has impacted my life in more ways than I could ever explain. As a four-year volunteer I have seen various students pass through our program and have been able to make a difference in many of their lives. I have become more diverse, open-minded, and grown as a student because of my experiences with this program."

"Seeing the transformation of some of our students has shown me that we're making a huge difference. In general, Project Phoenix, working with both the students and the volunteers has made me a better person."

Safety Protocol

  • Any student that travels on a trip (weekend, domestic or international) must sign a liability release and list emergency contacts.
  • The leaders are required to keep W&M staff contact information with them at all times and are instructed to contact W&M staff in the case of emergency (once it is safe to do so and local emergency officials are called).
  • Only students that have completed the defensive driving class facilitated by W&M Police and completed a Driver Authorization form are able to drive a vehicle to and from a service site.
  • Students are only to drive from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. and cannot drive for more than a three hour stretch.
  • Any trip that takes more than one hour must have at least 2 certified drivers.
  • If a student volunteer is driving other students in his/her personal vehicle they take on the responsibility of the passenger safety.  Every student in Project Phoenix signs a waiver of liability form as well.
  • When W&M students are driving non-students there must always be a rider in the vehicle to manage any situation that could distract the driver (one example being excessive noise or disagreement).
  • The driver must have an operable cell phone on him/her at all times.
  • In the case of Project Phoenix the driver and rider have access to staff that is stationed in the office while the children are being picked up to answer any questions. The staff member has the name, address, contact information of every child.
  • In order to participate in Project Phoenix every child must have a signed waiver of liability form and health form on record and the approval of the school administration.
Project Phoenix volunteers and students celebrate together

Alexis Foxworth
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 322