College Partnership for Kids

College Partnership for Kids is a tutoring program between students of the College of William & Mary and local Williamsburg-James City and York County public schools. The partnership provides assistance to children in the community through student volunteers.

CPK provides transportation, which allows all students the opportunity to volunteer. Some of the programs focus on one-on-one sessions with students while others work with small groups. The children and student volunteers often develop a strong relationship. The developing friendship plays a great part in improving the child’s self-esteem; this improved self-image can have positive effects on the child’s academic achievement and efforts. Currently 325 students tutor at 11 local schools. William & Mary students contribute approximately 500 hours of community service each week and an estimated 15,000 hours each academic year.

How It Began

In 1990, a group of students began work with D.J. Montague Elementary School in designing the Partnership’s first assistance program. Today, student volunteers may work with children in need of assistance or peer support in one of thirteen schools.

Williamsburg-James City County and York County Partner Schools

Elementary Schools

  • Clara Byrd Baker Elementary
  • D.J. Montague Elementary
  • James River Elementary
  • Magruder Elementary
  • Matoaka Elementary 
  • Matthew Whaley Elementary
  • Norge Elementary
  • Rawls Byrd Elementary
  • Stonehouse Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Berkeley Middle School
  • Toano Middle School
CPK Tutoring and Responsibilities
  • Tutors are needed in the areas of math, science, reading, writing, spelling, and special education - other specialties are always welcomed
  • Tutoring takes place in one-on-one, group, or classroom settings
  • Tutoring occurs during class and in after school programs
  • Tutors must commit two hours per week (there are some exceptions)
  • Tutors must sign in and out of assigned school each session
  • Tutors are expected to offer helpful comments that will positively affect learning
  • Tutors must notify the CPK Program Director if unable to attend a tutoring session
  • Tutors should track problems and share them with the teacher periodically
  • Tutors are expected to arrive on time and be actively involved in helping children
Safety Protocol
  • Any student that travels on a trip (weekend, domestic or international) must sign a liability release and list emergency contacts.
  • The leaders are required to keep W&M staff contact information with them at all times and are instructed to contact W&M staff in the case of emergency (once it is safe to do so and local emergency officials are called).
  • Only students that have completed the defensive driving class facilitated by W&M Police are able to drive a vehicle to and from a service site.
  • Students are only to drive from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. and cannot drive for more than a 6-hour stretch. 
  • Any trip that takes more than 1 hour must have at least 2 certified drivers.
  • If a student volunteer is driving other students in his/her personal vehicle, he or she takes on the responsibility of the passenger safety.  Every student in College Partnership for Kids signs a waiver of liability form as well.
Awards and Honors
  • Volunteer Program of the Year presented by the Greater Williamsburg Association for Volunteer Administration (GWAVA)
  • The Points of Light Foundation recognized College Partnership for Kids as a Daily Points of Light recipient.

Applications are available in the CPK Office located in Blow Memorial Hall on the 3rd floor. Any student interested in tutoring will be placed based on their availability. Transportation is provided.


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Blow Memorial Hall, Room 323