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Branch Out National

Lifting a wall in Charleston, SC

Each Branch Out National alternative break trip brings 12 students to communities all over the Eastern US to address and learn about social issues ranging from affordable housing to environmental sustainability to economic disparity.  Through issue education, direct service and reflection with fellow students, participants often return with a new  perspective on some aspect of the trip - themselves, their W&M peers, or the social issue at hand.  All Branch Out alternative breaks are alcohol and other drug free.  

How to Get Involved

Branch Out National alternative breaks select participants through a two-step process.  First, a random lottery (for which you may sign up online) takes place in November (for our early decision process) and late January.  The lottery places eight out of ten participants for each trip.  When you sign up for the lottery, you may indicate, in order of preference, which trips you would like to participate in.  You will be placed in your highest priority trip that is available when your number is selected.  

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Those who are not placed on a BON alternative break through the lottery may give it another go by submitting an application.  The remaining two slots for each trip are filled by application.  On the application (due a couple of days after the lottery closes), you may also express your preferences of trip choice.  See more in the Financial Information and Important Dates pages.

Watch the OCE home page events column for updates about lottery and application availability.


Staff Advisor: [[mcporter,Melody Porter]] 
Student Directors: [[e|mefoley, Meghan Foley]] and [[e|tevonstetten, Tim Von Stetten]]