Finances and Payment Information

Trip Fees

Each Branch Out National trip costs $250 to participate - this fee includes travel, housing, food and agency fees.  You may pay with cash, Express (including an $8 processing fee) or with a check made to The College of William and Mary.  All payments are due in the Office of Community Engagement, Blow Hall 326A, before the first team meeting, February 6, 5 to 7:30 pm in Tidewaters A&B.  

Through the generosity of private donors and recent alumni, BON is able to offer need-based financial aid through an online application. Applications for financial aid are due January 30 at noon for lottery entrants and February 2 at noon for those who apply.

All fees are non-refundable.  If you need to drop from a trip for which you have already paid, and we are able to find a replacement for you on the trip, you may be eligible for a 50% refund of the fee.

Paying to Volunteer?

Branch Out National's policy is to compensate all of our housing and community partner sites for their time and expertise in coordinating logistics, supervising service projects, providing issue education, orientation and training, and to offset any costs they may incur in the process of the alternative break.  

While it may seem surprising to some that we compensate our sites in addition to providing the service we offer as volunteers, Branch Out values this practice as part of our partnerships with communities and in recognition for the high quality of service projects that we are privileged to participate in, and the significant time and energy it takes to host volunteers.  Feel free to talk more with your Site Leaders or our Branch Out Co-Directors for more information about your specific alternative break's budget.

Branch Out Budget Chart