Trip Location: Fodome Ahor, Ghana, West Africa

Spima team

Mission: The mission of SPIMA is to establish partnerships with local communities and NGOs in Ghana and carry out research that helps elucidate community needs and facilitate community-based development that is sustainable, ethical, and inclusive.  SPIMA seeks to gather the information necessary to empower a community to develop from within, based on self-determined need.

Applicable Areas of Study/Interest: Public Health, Community Studies, Sociology, Africana Studies, GIS, Anthropology, Global Studies, Social Entrepreneurship

Approximate Cost per Person: $2,200 before fundraising

Time of Year and Length of Trip: Right after Graduation for 2-3 weeks

Trip Leaders: [[e|jecarey, Jimmy Carey]] and [[e|aecordray, Amanda Cordray]]

Community Partner: HCDP-Ghana (Humanity and Community Development Projects)

Website: spima.weebly.com