William & Mary

Outreach 360

Focus: English and Spanish literacy education among underprivileged Nicaraguan youth

Trip Location: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Mission: The mission of the W&M Outreach 360 team is to offer a unique opportunity for students to increase the opportunities for the youth in Jinotega by providing English Immersion and Spanish Literacy educational programming. The goal of the trip is to foster meaningful relationships and insight through personal interaction with the local community, especially the youth, and in so doing to foster a sense of belonging.

Number of Students: 15-20Students and children at Orphanage Outreach

Approximate Cost per Person: $1350 (including airfare)

Time of Year and Length of Trip:  January 2015

Team Leaders: [[e|magreathouse01, Madeline Greathouse]] and [[e|cefreund, Katie Freund]].  Please be in touch if you have any questions!

Community Partner: Outreach360

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