William & Mary

Kenya Sustainable Village Project

Focus: Providing Community-Based and Environmentally Sustainable Care to Those Affected by HIV/AIDS

About us: KSVP strives to support the Nyumbani Village with student teams and funding to help sustainably meet the basic needsKSVP team 2013 of marginalized people affected by the HIV/AIDS generation gap in rural Kenya. Community engagement projects will reflect a direct partnership and stated needs of both administrators and residents, without creating dependency. Students will also learn about the intersection of sustainability and community engagement to encourage more active citizenship in daily life.

Trip Location: Kitui District, Kenya

Approximate cost per person:  $1500 - $1800 before fundraising

Number of Participants:  12

Time of Year and Length of Trip:  Two weeks during winter break

Team Leader: [[e|pjgostomski, Paul Gostomski]] and [[e|mbsidibay, Maimuna Sidibay]]

Community Partner:  COGRI (Children of God Relief Initiative)  The Nyumbani Village unites orphaned youths and elderly people who have often lost their own children to HIV/AIDS, and now live at Nyumbani to care for orphaned children. Nyumbani Village, spanning 1000 acres, provides these community members with access to education, jobs, and secure homes; in short, it meets all of their basic needs. The Village houses close to its target of 1,000 people, with one grandparent caring for 7-10 children per house. Grandparents are given a plot of land to cultivate, to use for profit or family support. Children attend primary and secondary school in the Village, or choose to study in the polytechnic institutes.

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