William & Mary

W&M Haiti Compact

Trip Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti 

Mission:  After Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, many American students were left wondering how they could provide sustainable support. As part of a national group of colleges, our team committed to returning to Haiti for at least four years (now extended to eight). As a team, we prepare for the trip with in-depth learning about the social issues affecting the communities with whom we work. Upon our return, we focus on educating the campus and others about our experience. While in Haiti, We work with Sonje Ayiti on public health, education, and nutrition projects. This winter, the team will be continuing work at the primary school in Cima, a rural community in the north of the country. There, we are working to support the local teachers and engage parents in the community.

Team Size: 8

Approximate cost per person: $2,000 

Time of Year and Length of Trip: One week in January 2016

Team Leaders: [[e|cafilla, Cristyn Filla]] 

Community Partners: Sonje Ayiti

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