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Paying for Alternative Breaks

Alternative Breaks are an important component of a William & Mary education for many students. As such, they are immensely valuable - but unfortunately, they can be expensive. Students often take on part-time jobs to save money for their alternative break and fundraise through contacts with family and friends. Branch Out International team members work together on fundraising endeavors to support their teams. 

Individuals are responsible for covering the cost of their participation in the program. A deposit is required upon acceptance for each trip and payment in full is required well in advance of the trip. Each trip has a different cost and varied deadlines for payments; please talk to your team leaders for information about your trip.

Branch Out International Financial Aid Program

Branch Out values socioeconomic diversity in our teams, so we offer need-based financial aid to lower the barriers for students to participate in our alternative breaks. Applications are available online, and the process is confidential. All BOI team members must contribute at least $300 toward their alternative break. For those who have financial need, financial aid can help close the gap between team members’ contributions and fundraising, and the final cost of their trip.

Please note that our number of applications increases each year, and most applicants who receive awards receive 10-40% of their trip cost, based on their financial need.

All recipients of financial aid are asked to contribute a small project to Branch Out in return for their aid, such as a blog post, coordinating a local service project post-trip, or putting together a film about their experience. These projects deepen student learning and show our funders and supporters the impact of Branch Out International.

Those seeking financial aid must apply for financial aid online by September 21, 2015 at 11:59 pm. They will be notified of their status approximately two weeks later, and checks are released approximately 30 days after notification.

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