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Apply to Be a Part of Branch Out International

Make a positive impact on students and communities across the world

Requirements for Branch Out International Membership
  • Membership in Branch Out International (BOI) is open to student-led international alternative break trips. 
  • The alternative break must have been thoroughly researched – with at least one group member having visited the partner organization and developed a partnership and plan for the trip, in writing, before applying for BOI membership. 
  • All Branch Out International member teams must participate fully in BOI activities:
    • Two site leaders for each alternative break must attend and fully participate in training sessions on Thursday evenings from 4 to 5:30 pm.  There will be eight training sessions during fall semester, a fall retreat, meetings before and after teams depart and return, and meetings in February and April.
    • Both site leaders must attend and fully participate in the BOI training retreat overnight August 29 - 30, 2014.
    • Recruitment must be coordinated through BOI, and we will recruit with one timeline in the Fall and one timeline in the Spring for all teams.
    • Site leaders and team members must submit all required paperwork to the OCE on time; and
    • Both site leaders must meet at least monthly with advisors.
  • Site Leaders may have no more than three excused absences between them.  Missing the training retreat, or more than three training or advising meetings, will result in a team’s removal from Branch Out International membership.
  • All Branch Out International trips are alcohol and substance free. Site leaders agree to abide by this policy and ensure that their teams abide by the policy; any infractions of the policy will be addressed as required by Branch Out.  (See more about the alcohol policy.)
  • All applicants must schedule a brief meeting with Melody Porter and the Student Directors to discuss the application process before submitting their application.  Email [[mcporter, Melody Porter]] to arrange this meeting before March 28.
  • Any Branch Out break trips to countries on the State Department Travel Warning list must comply with the College's Travel Warning Policy, and be approved by the Travel Warning Review Committee.  Branch Out alternative breaks are considered to be supported by the university.
Branch Out International Application Process

Site leaders apply on behalf of their teams for membership in Branch Out International.  Applications are reviewed by a committee including the Branch Out student directors and the Associate Director of Community Engagement.  Applications are evaluated based on the partnership developed with the host site, positive impact made on community and students, preparation of student leaders, and congruence with the Branch Out alternative breaks mission and vision. Returning teams must submit complete impact plans and evaluations from the previous year to be considered for membership.

Please read about our values and practices carefully to ensure that your proposed trip is a good fit for Branch Out.

Applications for 2014-15 are due Friday, March 28, 2014 at 5 pm by email to [[mcporter, Melody Porter]].