William & Mary

Community Engagement Grant Evaluation

Tell us about your experience!

All those who have received Community Engagement Grant funding through the Office of Community Engagement are required to submit an evaluation of their experience.  We ask that recipients take some time to thoughtfully reflect on their experience with the project, responding to the questions below. 

Please proofread your report, as we share this information with our donors.

Please email the following information in ONE document (.doc or .docx) with the subject line: Last name, First name, CEG eval, to oce@wm.edu by September 5, 2012 for summer grants, and February 1 for winter grants. 

Evaluation Format

At the top of the evaluation, please list the following information as a header, bolded:

Partner Organization & Title

Below the header, please include a one-paragraph project abstract to describe your community engagement project. What was your primary function? What did you achieve? Also include your most valuable learning experience of the project.

Please include the answers to the following questions.  Please include each question heading above each section of responses (about a paragraph for each section).  Be certain that your total reflection does not exceed 1.5 pages.

Community and Community Partner

How did your project build on the assets of and meet the needs of the community with whom you worked? Did you feel that your community partner effectively met community needs? Did they work with you effectively as a volunteer? 

Preparation and Reflection

How did your research before the project benefit your experience? How did you integrate critical reflection into your project?

Suggested Improvements

Describe how you would change this experience if you could. Consider what you would’ve done differently if you had more funds.


Of what aspect of this experience are you most proud? What did your project contribute to the community that would not have been possible without you?


On a separate page, please include an itemized, detailed list of how you spent your grant funds, as well as other sources and amounts of funding you received (e.g., personal contributions, non-CEG William & Mary funding, external funding).