The W&M Active Citizens Conference

Active Citizens Conference
The 2017 Active Citizens Conference

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The 2017 Active Citizens Conference theme is The Daily Work of Justice. 

Active citizenship is prioritizing community in your values and life choices. Active citizens educate themselves on community issues, intentionally listen to other's experiences,  build on existing assets, and join with others in community-driven change. Sometimes that looks like sweeping initiatives that make grand change, but more often it looks like an every day commitment to justice and working together so everyone can reach their full potential. Active citizens are often those who show up each day committed to getting done what needs done.

Join students, faculty, and community leaders coming together to learn about the best practices for impacting community and mobilizing social change.

Submit your workshop proposals no later than January 23, 2017, and register to attend by February 8, 2017.

{{youtube:medium:center|1fBlt8vfH50, W&M Active Citizens Conference: Live with Purpose, Ask Questions, Listen, and Reach for the Future}}