Conference Workshops

2017 Active Citizens Conference Workshop Sessions

Workshops which educate, unite, and inspire active citizens around the daily work of justice

  • Enhancing the First Year Experience: From Service to Service-Learning
  •  Service in a Busy Season
  • Learn to Lobby Your Representative
  • Oregon (Voter) Trail
  • Multiracial Medicine: Addressing Healthcare Disparities.
  • Connected: Social Media as an Activist Tool
  • But Where are You REALLY from?
  • Building Partnerships and Bridging the Gap: Community Partnership and Student Engagement
  • The Community Love Playbook
  • Election Update - The Modern Era of Politics
  • Disability as an Intersectional Identity: Promoting Equity in Social Justice
  • Reconsidering Frames of Reference to Engage in Interdependent Community Building
  • Good Relationships at the Core
  • Q&A with Jeree Thomas, Policy Director The Campaign for Youth Justice
  • Active Citizenship in Academia: Amplifying Unheard Voices