OCE Van Policy

OCE Van Policy Overview

The Office of Community Engagement has four vans at its disposal, for use by faculty, staff and students who are currently, and directly, affiliated with community engagement programs in the office.  All resources are subject to the William & Mary Vehicle Use policy, and are NOT available for loan to outside departments or individuals. 

Three of the OCE vans seat up to 12 passengers, including the driver, and one has seven seats. The official purpose of all OCE vans is to support transportation for department-related community engagement, such as meeting with a community partner, community engagement projects or site visits.  Driving the van for any non-OCE purpose will be a violation of the Honor Code and the W&M Vehicle Use Policy.

Driver Eligibility and Authorization

Students must be 18 years or older to drive OCE vehicles, and 19 years or older to drive 12 passenger vans.  All (faculty, staff, and student) drivers must certified by the College of William & Mary Campus Police to be allowed to use OCE vans or to drive others in their private cars for OCE programs. Sign up for van certification through the Student Leadership Development office.

Faculty, staff, and students must complete and provide a Driver Authorization form to the Office of Community Engagement before using OCE vehicles.

Key Pick Up and Parking

Van keys are to be picked up and returned to Blow Memorial Hall, Room 326A within 24 hours of vehicle use, between 8:30 am and 4 pm.  The first time you use an OCE van, please bring the appropriate Authorization Form and your driver’s license.  All vans are parked in the Campus Center Lot, and must be parked there upon return.  Return the keys immediately on the next business day.

Gas and Vehicle Maintenance

Taking care of the OCE vans is very important. Always throw away your trash and clean up after yourself.  Please take a picture of the interior of the van after you use it and email it to [[oce]].  When returning the keys, let us know how much gas is remaining. If there is ever an accident or problem, there is a van safety packet inside the van outlining what to do.

Things to remember:

  • Multiple students in your group should be van certified; it will make things easier and run smoother to have a back-up driver.
  • Always drop off and return keys in a timely manner so that other folks have access and we maintain integrity to our commitments with our community partners.
  • Be safe! Do not text, talk on your cell phone, or be otherwise distracted while driving.

Calendar Key:     Van 5--Red      Van 6--Gold       Van 7--Silver