"The Trice Fellowship allowed me to conduct hands-on experimental research on the impact of sport for development on non-cognitive skills in Monrovia, Liberia. The sheer level of autonomy in the design and implementation process, combined with the guidance of our project adviser and local partners, helped make this past summer such an eye-opening experience. In the process of developing a research design, recruiting Liberian students to participate in our research, and working cross-culturally with local research assistants and community leaders to implement our final design, I learned so much about what it means to conduct cutting-edge social science research in a foreign environment. This project has completely reshaped my views about the potential of sports to encourage non-cognitive development, as well as the fostering of social entrepreneurship among the youth, both of which, I believe, will become major factors in the future of developmental policy. Furthermore, this experience has helped solidify my path forward, both academically and professionally."

Evan King
Trice Summer Fellow 2017, Liberia 

"My research in Liberia allowed me to learn about a new cultural context, the demands of field work in a developing country, and the career possibilities ahead of me in international relations. Making all of the arrangements for our evaluation was often challenging, but it helped us learn to think on our feet and keep trying; as the MFA co-founder Will Smith would say, you need patience, passion, and persistence to succeed in Liberia."

Liz Rosen
Trice Summer Fellow 2017, Liberia

"At Nepal Monitor, I conducted a number of capacity building workshops and tutorials with NGO staff to facilitate increased use of GIS and data analysis in their work. I also helped prepare several high-profile quarterly reports on violence and human rights issues in Nepal. This experience helped me learn a great deal about working with a multicultural team."

William Sheahan
Trice Summer Fellow 2017, Nepal