Senior Research Assistants

Dan Kent, '15


Dan Kent is a Senior Research Assistant for the Reform Incentives project at ITPIR. His work involves leading the team in research activities, training new team members, and data analysis of survey responses. Other work includes communications and business development for the new Boehly Center for Excellence in Finance at the Mason School of Business. Dan is currently going into his senior year at the College of William & Mary, working towards a double major in Finance and Music.

Kristin Ritchey, '16


Kristin Ritchey is currently a Senior Research Assistant with the Reform Incentives project.  Her work includes compiling and analyzing data for inclusion in policy briefs, translating responses from the project's survey from French to English, and managing the research assistant team.  Kristin is particularly interested in the effects of development aid on gender equality in recipient states and how culture influences aid allocation in donor states.  She is a rising junior at the College of William and Mary with a double major in International Relations and French and Francophone Studies. 

Taylor Wilson, '15


Taylor is an economics major at the College and has an interest in development economics and international trade. He has been working with the Reform Incentives project and the institute since the Summer of 2012 and feels that the research being done on campus has intrinsic, policy-relevant value to the international community and the developing world. He is looking forward to the results of the survey so we can begin to move forward with a more analytic approach to the data.