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PLAID and Development Gateway's AiDA Project Merge to Form AidData

Project-Level Aid (PLAID) and Development Gateway have merged their efforts to track development finance and cooperation. They are working together, in cooperation with the Secretariat of OECD's Development Assistance Committee, to create a joint, easily accessible and independent repository of aid activities. This tool will combine all of the aid data in PLAID and AiDA as well as utilize innovative analytical tools developed at both institutions to provide users with an accurate and up-to-date picture of development information.

The new partnership will continue to provide development practitioners, researchers, country governments, and individuals interested in development finance with access to complete and high-quality information on aid activities worldwide. Through our combined effort, the PLAID and AiDA teams hope to increase effectiveness and transparency by providing easy access to aid information through a shared online source. AidData is committed to transparency in development finance, and will be free and accessible to the public through an easy to use web portal. AidData is currently in production and will be launched in spring 2010.