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Professor Peterson Concludes ITPIR Directorship to Focus on Teaching and Research

Sue PetersonDuring her tenure as co-director of the Institute over the past six years, Sue Peterson has seen the program grow from a brainstorm into a world-class research incubator. With the charge to bring academia and policymaking together to address real-world challenges around the world, the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations today places researchers into the farthest corners of the globe, consults with national and international leaders, creates new policy relevant knowledge and cultivates the leaders of tomorrow.

In its infancy back in 2008, ITPIR shepherded three student-faculty research projects that expanded to seven projects by 2013 that ranged across multiple issue areas. As a Principal Investigator of the Teaching, Research, and International Policy Project (TRIP), one of the Institute's original projects, Sue has worked with dozens of students and post-bacalaureate fellows to map the discipline of international relations and determine the effects of research and teaching on policy and vice versa.

In addition to leading TRIP, Sue, as The Wendy & Emery Reves Professor of Government and International Relations, will focus efforts on teaching and research.  In the fall of 2013 Sue will be teaching two sections of U.S. Foreign Policy and in the Spring she will be teaching a seminar and two sections of International Security.  In addition to her teaching, Sue is currently writing a book on the discipline of international relations and organizing an international conference that will be hosted the College and be supported by the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners in international relations.  So, despite her departure as director, Sue will continue to advance the original vision of the Institute by bridging the gap between the theory and practice of IR.