Past ITPIR Sponsored Events on Campus

Antoinette WinklerPrins, (Associate Professor, Michigan State University and Program Director, National Science Foundation’s Geography and Spatial Science Program), Public Talk, "Dark Earths: Conservation and Development in Amazonia," Fall 2012.

Jeffrey Kopstein, (Professor, University of Toronto and Director, Centre for Jewish Studies), Annual George Tayloe Ross Addresses on International Peace lecture, "Why Neighbors Kill Neighbors: The Political Origins of Anti-Jewish Violence," Fall 2012.

Marc Lynch, (Professor George Washington University), Public Talk, “The Arab Uprising: The Unfinished Revolutions of the Middle East,” Fall 2012.

Douglas Hsu, (United Nations Devinfo Initiative), Public Talk, “Synthesizing Information on Development Outcomes,” Summer 2012.

Thomas Christensen , (Professor, Princeton University), Public Talk, “China’s Foreign Relations,” and Research Seminar, “China’s Nuclear Modernization and U.S. National Security,” Spring 2012.

Nitsan Chorev, (Associate Professor, Brown University), Public Talk, “Restructuring Neoliberalism at the WHO,” Spring 2012.

Arvind Subramanian (Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics), Public Talk, “Eclipse: The Rise of China,” Spring 2012.

Hemang Karelia, (Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, World Bank), Public Talk, “Information Technologies and Knowledge Management in the Humanitarian Aid Sector,” Spring 2012.

Nita Rudra, (Associate Professor, Pitt), Research Seminar, “How Democracies Escalate the Race to the Bottom: International Trade and Government Revenues in Developing Countries.” Spring 2012.

Brian O’Donnell, (AidData Post-Bacalaureate Fellow) Public Screening and Discussion of film, “When China Met Africa,” Spring 2012.

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, (Professor, New York University), Public Talk, “The Dictator’s Handbook,” and Research Seminar, “Predicting Revolutions in the Middle East,” Spring 2012.

David Laitin (Professor, Stanford University), Research Seminar, “Incomplete Assimilation among Muslims in France,” and “The Politics of Language and Identity,” Spring 2012.

Book Workshop for Assistant Professor Mark Buntaine (W&M Government and ENSP), The workshop brought together six William & Mary faculty members along with three external reviewers for a day long discussion of Buntaine’s manuscript entitled, “Caught in the Middle: Multilateral Development Bank Responses to Environmental Performance,” The external reviewers were Joe Jupille (University of Colorado), Tamara Gutner (American University), and Chris Kilby (Villanova University). Spring 2012.

Harry Verhoeven (Oxford University) and Phil Roessler (W&M), Panel Discussion, “Sudan’s Perfect Storm: What Next?” Fall 2011.

Idean Saleyhan (Associate Professor, UNT), Research Seminar, “Delegation and Civilian Abuse: Wartime Atrocities.” Fall 2011. 

Steve Saideman (Professor, McGill University) and Dave Auerswald (Professor, National War College), Research Seminar, “NATO Goes to War in Afghanistan: Problems in Coalition Warfare,” Fall 2011.

Scott Edwards (Director of International Advocacy for Amnesty International), Public Lecture, “Does Amnesty International Reduce Human Rights Violations Internationally?” Research Seminar, “Crowd Sourcing Human Rights Reports.” Fall 2011.

Jennifer Tobin (Professor, Georgetown University), Research Seminar, “Take the Money and Run: The Determinants of Compliance with Aid Agreements.” Fall 2011.

William Moore (Professor, Florida State University), Public Lecture, “Forecasting Human Rights Violations;” Research Seminar, “Are INGOs Naming and Shaming Reports Biased?” Fall 2011.

Meg Lundsager (U.S. Executive Director at the IMF), Research Seminar. “IMF Policy and Decision-making.” Fall 2011.

Daniel Maliniak (UC San Diego ABD), Workshop on network analysis and survey software that was attended by 17 W&M students and faculty. Summer 2011.

Book Workshop for Assistant Professor Maurits Van der Veen (W&M Government), The workshop brought together seven William & Mary faculty members along with two external reviewers for a day long discussion of Van der Veen’s manuscript entitled, “Small States in the European Union: Debating Membership and Enlargement.” The external reviewers were Craig Parsons (University of Oregon), andMark Blythe (Brown University). Spring 2011.

Johannes Urpelainen (Assistant Professor, NYU), Research Seminar, “Compliance with Voluntary Environmental Standards,” Fall 2010.

Michael Horowitz (Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania), Research Seminar, “Explaining Military Innovation,” Fall 2010.

Mark Suzman (Director of Policy and Advocacy, Gates Foundation), Public Lecture, “Development, Africa, and the Millennium Development Goals,” Fall 2010.

Book Workshop for Assistant Professor Amy Quark (W&M Sociology) The workshop brought together six William & Mary faculty members along with four external reviewers for a day long discussion of Quark’s manuscript entitled, “Ruling in an Era of Uncertainty: Science, Governance and the Competing Kings of Cotton.” External reviewers included Andrew Schrank (Professor, University of New Mexico), Claire Cutler (Professor, Univ. of British Columbia), Neil Brenner (Professor, NYU), Elizabeth Ransom(Assistant Professor, University of Richmond). Fall 2010.

Scott Morgenstern (Professor, University of Pittsburgh), Research Seminar, “Foreign Aid and Party Building in Developing Countries.” Fall 2010.

Geo-Politics Lecture Series (Chaired by Professor Brian Blouet, W&M Department of Government and School of Education). This speaker series included Public Lectures by Robert Kaplan (CNAS);Christopher Preble (CATO Institute); Holger Herwig (University of Calgary); and Mark Monmonier(Syracuse University). Fall 2010.

Jason Sharman (Professor, Griffith University Australia), Research Seminar, “Compliance with the International Money Laundering Regime,” Fall 2010.

David Leblang (Professor, UVA), Research Seminar, “Immigration, Aid, and Remittances.” Spring 2010.

John Ikenberry (Professor, Princeton University), Public Lecture, “Is the Global System in Crisis?” Research seminar, “Liberal Leviathan: The Origins, Crisis and Transformation of the American System;” Fall 2009.

Susan Hyde (Assistant Professor, Yale), Research Seminar, “Election Monitoring by Non-Governmental Organizations,” Fall 2009.

Rob Wittman (Congressman from VA 1st Congressional District), Panel Discussion with Matthew Bartlett (ONE), Michael Tierney and W&M student Christian Peratsakis, “The Role of Foreign Aid in U.S. Foreign Policy.” Spring 2009.

Todd Allee (Assistant Professor, University of Illinois), Research Seminar, “Trade and Conflict in Developing Countries.” Spring 2009.

Elaine Panter (Professor, Johns Hopkins/SAIS), Research Seminar, “The Economics of Human Trafficking.” Spring 2009.

Peter Beck (Ewha University in Seoul), Research Seminar “Humanitarian Aid to North Korea: Practices and Pitfalls;” Spring 2009.

John Squier (National Endowment for Democracy), Public Lecture, “Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe,” Spring 2009.

John Esposito (Professor, Georgetown University), Public lecture, “A Letter to President Obama: What do One Billion Muslims Want and Need?” Spring 2009.

Patrick Jackson (Associate Professor, American University), Research Seminar, “Epistemology and International Relations.” Spring 2009.

Peter Gourevitch (Professor, UC San Diego), Public Lecture, “Politics in Hard Times Redux.” Research Seminar on “NGOs and Informal Authority in International Politics.” Spring 2009.

Michael Woolcock (Professor, Manchester University and World Bank), Public Lecture, “Poverty Elimination and Development Fads.” Fall 2008.

Horton Bebee-Center (President, Eurasia Foundation), Public Lecture, “The Role of NGOs within Russia,” Fall 2008.

Jeffrey M. Chwieroth (Senior Lecturer, London School of Economics), Research Seminar, “Capital Ideas: The IMF and Capital Liberalization,” Fall 2008.

Judy Dean (U.S. International Trade Commission), Research Seminar, “Trade, Growth, Production Fragmentation, and China’s Environment,” Fall 2008.

John Mearsheimer (Professor, University of Chicago), Public Lecture, “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Middle East Policy,” Spring 2008.