William & Mary

Biggs Visits Students and Former Professor & Mentor at ITPIR

Allison Biggs Talks with Students and Staff

W&M Alunmna Allison Biggs visited the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations (ITPIR) recently to talk with students and staff regarding her career path and the choices she has made that have led her to her current role as assistant to the CEO of ONE, the nonprofit organization founded by Bono and dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty and preventing disease. Pictured above,  Biggs engages in q&a with ITPIR interns and staff at the new Institute location at 427 Scotland Street.

A 2006 graduate of W&M, Biggs recalls the advice that her former professor and mentor, Mike Tierney, now director of the Institute, gave her when she was first studying international relations and was unsure of a focus. 

“That’s okay, we’re going to figure it out,’ he said. “And from that point on, he gave me really great advice. Even today, he’s an incredible resource for me,” Biggs added.

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