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2010-2011 PIPS Policy Briefs Released

The 2010-2011 PIPS Policy Brief Book is now available in electronic and print format. PIPS policy brief identifying current and emerging international challenges and offer creative and rigorously argued policy solutions. This year's policy book includes the following briefs:


Multicultural Diplomacy: A New Approach to Embassy Outreach

Energy Security Through Wild Diatomic Microalgae Cultivation in Latin America

Building the Indian Counterweight: A Multi-Dimensional Strategy for Securing Long-Term Indian Ocean Stability

Aerostats and Maritime Piracy: Providing Cost Effective Surveillance Off the Horn of Africa

Clean-Tech Mineral Security: A Three-Pronged Strategy For Supply Diversification in Latin America


Please click here for the electronic version. Hard copies can be obtained by contacting pips@wm.edu