Policy Research at AidData

Our goal is to deepen the evidence base for the use of data in development decision-making, through qualitative, quantitative and experimental approaches. AidData is proposing an ambitious and cohesive program of research and teaching that it will implement as part of a multi-year program.

  • Qualitative Studies and Surveys: Fielding surveys and studies to learn from decision-makers around the world on their priorities, experiences and aspirations for their country’s development.

  • Randomized Control Trials: Exploring critical subjects like measuring whether citizen feedback actually impacts high-level decision-making.  

  • Geospatial Impact Evaluations: Examining topics like Malaria and HIV treatments, and loss of forest cover.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program: Providing continuing support for research projects and increases the number and quality of mentored research opportunities for our students.
  • Providing W&M undergraduates experience with producing and analyzing data, designing policy studies and implementing  research experiments