Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities at AidData

At any given time there are 120 students working at AidData. They receive professional skills and training and are handed responsibility early on, conducting data collection, coding, programming, visualization, research, in-country training, and data analysis. Undergraduate students are afforded the opportunity to work on complex projects alongside faculty and staff -- the prerogative of graduate students or post-grads in other institutions. Students are the lifeblood of the research lab, and we, as staff and faculty, love the chance to learn with – and from – them on a daily basis. If you are interested in a position at AidData, we regularly post opportunites on our main website.

2016 AidData Summer Fellow Evan Woods at the Palace of the King of the Toro Kingdom in Fort Portal, Uganda.
AidData Summer Fellows
  • AidData Summer Fellows improve the capacity of civil society organizations in developing countries to use geocoded data, which localizes development funding and activities down to the district, town or street corner level. Funded by USAID, Summer Fellows embed with local universities, think tanks and civil society groups for two to three months, equipping local organizations with the skills to use this data in program planning, advocacy and research. Read more about our 2015 Fellows here.

AidData Research Assistants
  • AidData’s Research Assistants learn our geocoding and open source methodologies to geocode, activity code, precision code, and use the TUFF methodology on projects in our database. Students work during academic semesters and throughout the summer, and are provided role advancement opportunities through Senior Research Assistants and AidData Summer Fellows roles. Our Research Assistants leave this experience with a diverse set of skills and knowledge that can serve them well in any field.
AidData Internships
  • AidData offers internships for students to work closer with our staff in our various units: Operations, Policy Analysis, Research and Evaluation, Data, and Communications. Through these internships, students gain hands-on experience working on client deliverables such as impact evaluations, analysing different types of data, and creating communications materials including podcasts and news articles. This experience of working within a professional unit is invaluable for the students and key to building wide-ranging professional networks while at the College.